It’s pretty fun and easy to be in your pleasure when life is going your way. Like when the Universe lines up pretty little packages of awesomeness for you one after another after another. Heck Yeah! We like that!

The shipment you desperately need comes on time. Phew!
ThisorsomethingbetterThe hottie you “like” online “likes” you back. Ooh la la!
The raise you asked for gets approved. Cha ching!

But what about when the Universe waves a big fat finger in your face, going Nah uh uh!? All of the sudden your life feels like a super sad version of WWF Smackdown.

The last ingredient you need for your famous salad is sold out, everywhere! Arrgh.
In the middle of your 5th date, he dumps you. What?!
Your car gets towed……again. FUCK!

Does this mean it’s time for tantrums and hopeless sob fests?

Go ahead girl, have your tantrum and your sobs (I know I did!). But when you get tired of that, try this on for size.

What if……….that mean ol’ finger was an illusion?

Are you open to the notion that YOU KNOW NOTHING? That you of all people might not know what is best for you? Feels strange huh?

One of my favorite go-to sayings is,

“This or Something Better?”

It is a little more sophisticated than the whole “lemons into lemonade” adage which inspires the happy coupling of positivity and creativity.

“This or Something Better” invites the powerful presence of faith and patience to the table. Faith in that, you trust that Goddess has your back. Patience in that, miracles are always on their way. They just might be taking the slow train. And there is nothing wrong with slow. Slow is sexy and slow is sensual. Use this power to your advantage.

You see, as a woman, you have an infinite flow of good available to you. Will you choose to see it at any given moment? How about every given moment?

[googlefont font=”Sanchez” size=”24px” margin=”10px 0 20px 0″]Can you allow yourself to trust the fact that you are not getting what you want, because what you want isn’t nearly fabulous enough?[/googlefont]

Perhaps the Great Goddess wants you to dream bigger, higher, grander? Because oh girl, she does!

The next time you feel short changed, or passed over, stop and try on the notion that what you are missing out on simply isn’t meant for you. Your grander goodies are on their way.

Remember, it is always, This or Something Better! You deserve it!