Welcome to Your One-on-One, Personal Pleasure Guidance Sessions!

I am so honored and excited to share this powerful, life-changing work with you.

If you’re a woman who gives and gives and then gives some more, often finding yourself depleted and too exhausted to give anything back to yourself, I hear you! But, if you are also a woman feeling ready to stop this cycle and live a wildly beautiful and unbound life then I want you to keep reading…

I am here to show you how living a life guided by your unique brand of pleasure is the most gorgeous thing you can do for yourself AND everyone else in your life .

When you attune to your pleasure and act on it’s behalf, you make choices more confidently, you find yourself in situations that you love, and your divine purpose presents itself to you! Yes! It is that powerful!

If you’re ready to start taking your pleasure seriously and make a commitment to become aligned with the callings of your heart- keep scrolling to read what my one-on-one pleasure guidance sessions have to offer you…

(spoiler alert: there are massive goodies and breakthroughs involved!)

“There are two things in life that motivate you… the fear of pain, and the desire for pleasure.”

The intention of the one-on-one pleasure guidance sessions is to teach you to become independent in your exploration of pleasure throughout your life. Together we find your Pleasure Goddess Path, so you can enjoy lasting benefits for years to come.

This is an opportunity to finally put yourself first.

  • finally ask for what you REALLY want, and get it!
  • be with your dream partner, NO SETTLING
  • do work that feeds your soul and makes you the money you desire and deserve
  • be your fully fabulous self, and NOT apologize for it
  • make decisions and take action based on YOUR pleasure (no one else’s!)
  • have connected, powerful, turned on, sensual sex
  • love your one of a kind body and know you are smokin hot
  • attract lovers and adorers anywhere and everywhere you go
  • have an absolute blast every single day
  • be surrounding by incredible, inspiring supportive people who you admire, and who admire YOU!
  • experience how being in your full feminine force makes you unstoppable
  • watch toxic relationships in you life dissolve and disappear
  • do everything with confidence and your own special flare
  • create a life you only dared to dream about

Take ownership of your life in the name your pleasure. Yes, this means more fun, and more freedom, So Juicy! Learn to call in, and allow the fullness of you desires. Yes, ALL of your desires! You deserve this!

Take responsibility. Invest some time in YOU. This is so extremely Self-Loving! Become empowered to create the life you dream of. No more excuses! So Badass! Know the deep peace of trusting your Self. You have so much wisdom!

Pleasure Guidance sessions tap into your feminine energy like you’ve never seen before. The veil lifts and you realize you’re stronger and sexier than you ever thought you were and more powerful than you ever imagined.

You deserve this. Your most luscious life is waiting for you!

Here’s a little bit more about you can expect from our session together…


You must be ready to step outside of what has not been working for you. This requires trust in yourself, in the process and in the life that awaits you. Your willingness will get you where you desire to be.


Having a coach is one of the most brilliant and loving things you can do for yourself. A coach acts as a mirror, reflecting back to you only your most amazing, capable, powerful self. When you are presented with the most magnificent possibilities for your life, and how to become them, there is no more settling.


This is your Adventures in Pleasure Research. You whole-heartedly commit to the bold, open, honest, vulnerable, and dazzling excavation of your life. You won’t truly know what is “in your pleasure,” or “not in your pleasure” until you try.


Healing is the application of loving, to places inside that hurt. Often times, pain and past trauma will hinder your ability to experience true pleasure. To protect yourself, you can become guarded, resentful and untrusting. This is a courageous journey you are embarking upon. Healing these wounds is your road to Freedom in Pleasure.

Pleasurable Practice:

Feel it everyday. You will leave your pleasure sessions feeling lighter, inspired and more alive than when we began. Now its time to take that feeling home and sprinkle it into your everyday. At the end of each session, you will leave with clear practices and simple tools to apply to your life between sessions.

Are you ready to make your most gorgeous life, your highest priority?

If so, my one-on-one Pleasure Guidance Sessions are truly made just for you! Fill out the form below to get started. I will contact your personally within 48 hours of receiving your answers…


How do I start working with you?

Simply answer the 10 questions in the fields above and press submit.
I will contact you via phone or email to set up a perfect time for your first session.

Are sessions over the phone?

Yes, we can do your session over the phone or via Skype. It is important to create a safe and sacred space for yourself during your session time. No distractions, no multi-tasking. No driving. Set aside this precious time for you and only you.

What if I need support between sessions?

I am here for you girl! All packages include email access to me and 20-minute spot coaching if you are feeling stuck and need a little pull back into your pleasure.

What does each session consist of? What do we talk about?

Every session I have ever done has been different. This is because we dive deeply into what is most present for you on the day of your session. I trust that whatever is surfacing for you, is doing so because it is ready to be worked on and whatever blocks are there are ready to be released. And just because we are talking, do not be fooled. The pleasure we uncover is not accessible solely from the mental level. I will lead you in various exercises to access the infinite wisdom from your heart, soul and goddess self. It’s so delicious. I cannot wait for you to experience it!

How often do we have sessions?

We will do your sessions once a week for the first month and then once every two weeks for the following months. As you add skills to your pleasure toolbox, you will get more time between sessions to integrate them into your life. This will empower you to become independent in your abilities as a pleasured women.

Can I just purchase one session with you?

No, the work is so much deeper than one session will allow. What we do together is experiential and compounding, so it is very important that you take what you learn in each session and start practicing it in your life immediately. Each session builds upon the last and as you integrate the tools overtime, you award yourself the long lasting effects of a pleasure lifestyle!

How long is a session?

Sessions last 1 hour.

What kind of packages do you offer?

I offer 3 month and 6 month packages.

What do your packages cost?

The 3 month package for $1,500
The 6 month package for $ 2,500


If you’re truly committed to living your life of Pleasure, don’t let these numbers or the work involved freak you out. If your heart knows you want this for yourself, just breathe, and take the first step to and fill out my questionnaire. Then, together we can address any fears or feelings of limitation that may be holding you back from the life that is yours.

This is your first opportunity to stop telling yourself that you can’t have what you want.
I am here to show you that you CAN have what you truly want! This pleasure work is powerful stuff and I am here for you through it all: the sticky challenges and the glorious wins, the deep healing and the freedom-filled pleasure breakthroughs!

I am an extremely practical person, and yet I have never allowed money to be the deciding factor, keeping me from something my heart is truly calling out for.

When you make a clear declaration to the Universe of what you are willing to do for yourself, the how shows up for you.

Following your pleasure and acting on your desires will only bring you more abundance, more opportunities and more freedom. You deserve the life you dream of. I would love to guide you to it.

Fill out the questionnaire above and lets talk about your powerful pleasure!