E is for excess baggage

This is the second post in a series of 6 that will spell out the an acrostic for D-E-S-I-R-E. Each post explores the juicy elements of an ultimately fabulous Pleasure Adventure in the making. Subscribe above so you don’t miss next week’s, S – Self Love. My intention behind these posts are to give you direct examples of how YOUR Pleasure Adventure is possible and waiting for you! Get your spot in line for next week’s post.

The decision to begin a Pleasure Adventure comes from a beautifully bold place. The inspiration for one of your very own shines light on the fact that there are places in your life that could handle a little (or a lot) more pleasure. And this is great! You are in the right place to do something about it!

Your desire to fill your existence with joy, fun, abundance, excitement, sensuality, love, freedom, expression, etc. is the catalyst.

Your willingness to act on that desire, well that is the bold part!

This whole Adventures in Pleasure Living: the USA travel edition has practically made bold moves my new best friend. It has been like dumping out my purse and allowing the contents to spill out onto the floor.

Only in this case, I am not scrambling to scoop up the loose tampons and condoms to shove them back into the secret darkness they fell from.

I am leaving the contents of my inner world out in the light of day so I can get honest about who I am and where I am going. Coincidentally, this has lead me to also rid my life of its physical contents as well.

The core of all of my desires stem from a yearning for freedom, and now, I must lighten my load to take flight. All excess baggage must be left at the gate. And I’m cool with that, because it’s in the name of FREEDOM and DESIRES!

Excess baggage, the things that weigh us down, come in so many forms. Here are some you might experience:

  • negative thoughts about yourself
  • limiting beliefs about what is possible
  • judgements of situations and other people
  • that ex-boyfriend you keep texting at moments of weakness for hookups and validation
  • all those clothes in your closet that don’t make you feel fabulous and beautiful
  • any item in your home that doesn’t spark absolute joy
  • the job you go to every single day even though it doesn’t feed your soul
  • the dates you keep saying yes too, even when your pussy is screaming NO!
  • and so much more

During our recent moving sale (to shed for our trip), my husband and I were faced with the opportunity to free ourselves of our possessions and the stories about ourselves we had attached to them.

Here are some of my favorite sheddings:

[testimonial]“I need to keep these books, or else I will loose all of the precious information I gained from them.”[/testimonial]

WRONG! My gorgeous wisdom is within me. I trust that any information I was meant to gain from these items is accessible whenever I need it. Nothing I need is outside of me.

[testimonial]“Selling our surfboards, bikes, paddles and balls means that playtime is over.”


NOPE! We are eternally youthful and resourceful beings and we live in an abundant and supportive Universe. Anything we desire, we can provide for ourselves or ask others for. Play on!
[testimonial]“Getting rid of my dressy city clothes means that I’ll no longer get to feel fashionable, sexy and feminine on the road.”[/testimonial]

NO WAY! A pleasure goddess knows she can command a room in anything, even sweatpants. My feminine essence oozes from my skin, not from my fabrics.

And release, release, release we did! Every time we got tripped up by our excess baggage internally, we gave ourselves the gift of releasing it physically. I now feel even more connected to myself and to our travel adventure ahead. I am digging in, realizing that the amazingness does not begin after our launch date.

The grand Pleasure Adventure has already begun. And that is the beauty. You can start from exactly where you are at, right now.

A pleasure adventure is born in an instant.

The instant you decide to act boldly on behalf of yourself and your desires.

The sweet rewards of a Pleasure Adventure and the Pleasure Coaching I do with my clients is the release of unwanted goods, inner and outer. With all of that excess baggage out of the way, you are free to be the fullest, most magnificent expression of yourself. The self you yearn to be. The fabulous pleasured self you are meant to be.

I am taking on only 5 new clients who deeply desire to create a Pleasure Adventure of their own. This journey does not require you to sell all of your possessions and move about the country. Your life gets to be your Pleasure Adventure! Whatever your soul is calling out for, I guide you on how to pleasurably create that.

  • Adventures in Pleasure Dating
  • Adventures in Dream Job Creation
  • Adventures in Paradise Home Living
  • Adventures in Seductive Sexual Expressions
  • Adventures in ____________________ (Anything you Desire!)

This truly is a Choose Your Own Pleasure Adventure! If your heart is ready with a big juicy “YES!” answer the 10 questions below and lets get started! It’s time to release any excess baggage telling you that what you desire isn’t possible.

I know it is possible.

I would delight in showing you how.

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