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I have been dreading writing this Expressions of Gratitude post. Not because I struggle to find something to be grateful for. Quite the opposite. I struggle because I have EVERYTHING to be grateful for. It overwhelms me. And feeling overwhelmed scares me.

This fear comes from the irrational belief that I will be overtaken by my emotions. My mind would have me believe that if I allow myself to truly feel ALL of my feelings, (good or bad), it would be too much to bear. I would lose control of myself.

And to my adorable ego, loss of control is the greatest threat.

It’s a good thing, I also have a heart. And she thinks the illusion of having control over anything is just precious. From a pleasure perspective, we are meant to feel, and we are meant to feel it all. Our emotions are gifts full of sensation, not meant to be categorized as good or bad.

Each and every spectacular one comes in service to our growth, expansion, upliftment and pleasure.

Anger can point to where we hold judgment.
Joy gives the thumbs up that you are on the right track.
Sadness sheds light on the places inside that could use some more loving.
They are all just beautiful messengers.


Two weeks before we left on this adventure, I made myself sit down and write letters of gratitude. To be totally honest, I was avoiding this big time.

Remember the fear of overwhelm I mentioned earlier?

Although avoidance felt good to a point, the truth was, I genuinely desired to write these letters. So I geniusly manifested getting horribly sick and couldn’t leave my bed. Thanks for always giving me what I ask for Universe!

I wrote letters to neighbors, friends, landlords, business owners, and bosses.

I let my heart pour out in acknowledgment of what these beautiful souls have meant to me, and the ways in which they have blessed my life. It was hard.

So many times my big heart wanted to close up and run and hide. But I kept going, because despite the discomfort, it was in my pleasure to do so. I realized that this discomfort caused by my vulnerability was not actually a closing up feeling.

It was the growing pains of expanding and opening.

A tea bag once told me that, “Gratitude is the open door to abundance.Yes, English Breakfast, yes! Gratitude puts the stamp of authentication on your life, and screams, Yay girl, you better believe you got it good!

Gratitude gives you the opportunity to acknowledge your power and your ability to call in such rad stuff. (Yes, you called that in! Go You! )

And that swelling in your heart when gratitude takes hold, that feeling is the walls of your Goddess Goodness container expanding out and getting BIGGER. Which means, guess what? You are making room for even MORE good stuff!

Do you know what you’ve just made more room for?

Your big, juicy, ridiculous, out of this world, so right for you, DESIRES!!!! This is why gratitude is such an integral part of the super abundance pleasure puzzle.

Give great gratitude → Receive rad desires → Be grateful for manifesting yummy desires → Hello more desires.

So despite the silly fear that I may implode if I love too hard, here is what is on my heart:

I am beyond grateful for you for taking the time to read The Pleasure Blog.

I am grateful to the women I get to do Pleasure Coaching with who bravely take on their own version of a Pleasure Adventure.

I am grateful that as the women of this world, we are learning to light our own inner fires and awakening to our power as exquisite feminine creatures. I am grateful to us goddesses who do the inner work to break down any barrier that shields us from our heaven on this earth. I am grateful for this huge collective expansive heart that wraps us all in it’s warm embrace. I am grateful for trees and travel and my magnificent man. I am grateful for the freedom to be me.

And I am grateful for this grand, and ever miraculous Pleasure Adventure called life!

I invite you all to leave whatever gratitudes are on your heart in the comments below. Remember, it will only expand your good. So what do you have to lose?

I am so grateful for you!
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