Your Personal Pleasure & Intimacy Pack


This Ebook, audio/visual pack is FULL of resources to enhance your intimacy and connection with yourself, your significant other, OR your future significant other! It places everything you desire to have in your life, right at your fingertips.  It's time to get excited about the WEALTH of options and support you have available to you. I know you are more than capable of having and being what you desire. This mega-special, sexy package was put together with you in mind by my husband David and I.



Find out more! Check out this video, which happens to be the beginning of the FIRST video David and I created for you in this series. The balance of feminine and masculine in this series is sure to balance where you’re out of whack in your commitment and intimacy experiences.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Part One: a video where David and I talk about how to take personal responsibility, how to ask for what you really want, and moving on from past relationships and hurts
  • Part Two: an audio where David and I discuss how we prepared ourselves individually for this kind of love, independence vs. co-dependence, and the relationship powerhouse of expressing appreciation
  • Part Three: a video where David and I share our practices of building energy, trust, and connection together
  • A gorgeous full disclosure ebook: 11 Ways to Spark Up the Sexual Energy with Yourself! Including my own personal examples for each tip and spaces to reflect on your own
  • Reflections worksheet
  • Printable Pleasure Calendar
  • A graphic image to use or print off as a visual reminder
  • A personal invite to my private FB community where you can connect with other women on this pleasure path with you


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