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Ridiculous Joy comes from engaging in…… guessed it! The Utter Ridiculousness of Life!

It is the sensational spark that ignites all of the rebellious pieces of you lying dormant in the rough. This surge of energy and inner light is yours when you give passage to the bubbling undercurrent of that which is so ridiculous, you are embarrassed to even admit you thought it. Honey, I know you have those crazy desires, because I have them too!

So if we want to experience Ridiculous Joy……..that shit needs to come out to play!

But what is “that shit” exactly?

All the wild notions that you dismissed because they were illogical. All the crazy actions you never took because you deemed them immature. All of the things you really wanted to say, but never did because you thought it would make you look rude, or stupid, or mean.

I sense that there is a whole lot of YOU going on inside of yourself that is never seeing the light of day. And I believe it is safe to say that these parts going unexpressed are in fact NOT illogical, immature, rude, stupid, mean or any other judgement you may place on them.

There is super brilliance and palpable pleasure locked away inside of these urges. To dismiss them is to take a pass in the pleasure department. And I don’t want you to do that!

I don’t even want to imagine what I would be doing at this very moment if I didn’t have the guts to do what a silly country song sang about and hit the road. (If you missed why I am going on a Pleasure Adventure across the country, click here). Instead of feeling freedom and open air on my skin, I would probably be indoors hacking away on a computer. And that would be fine. But it would not be making my heart sing out the way it is right this very moment. I would not be filled with the rush of newness and the power of redefined purpose.

There were a billion reasons NOT to do this trip. And a ton of questions about how it all was going to work that still sit unanswered. Why would we leave our beautiful beach home in sunny California with no promise of something better? Will we be able to make the money we need in order to sustain this kind of lifestyle on the road? Why get rid of all of our possessions when we will just have to get them all over again wherever we end up?

Yikes! These feel like practical points. But what my husband and I felt clearly was that any question or reason pushing us back into the norm was motivated by fear, and not by the desire to live fully and ridiculously in this life.

[testimonial author=”Walter Bagehot”]flower

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what other people say you cannot do.”

I would amend that to say, pleasure comes from doing what YOU previously told yourself you couldn’t do.

You give yourself Ridiculous Joy when you realize that you are in fact the Queen of your own castle. You make the rules! True Pleasure, Freedom, and Joy come when you realize that no one can tell you no. (Well they can, but you can choose not to listen! You are the Queen for goodness sakes!)

I have found that the most satisfying, life-rocking desires are the ones that just don’t make any sense from the place where you are in your life right now. They are clearly the most Ridiculous ones. This is what makes giving your sweet love and attention to these dreams so exciting. You actually get to feel what it feels like to ruffle your own feathers. You break yourself free of the mental handcuffs that you clasped onto yourself.

I want to give you a taste of what Ridiculous Joy does to your body and your life. Visit my Private Sessions page and fill out the 10 questions in the form at the bottom of the page. I will then contact you directly and gift THE FIRST THREE WOMEN a powerful private session with me! Let’s get Ridiculous!

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