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Let me tell ya, this trip we are about to embark upon is kicking up some dust in the Pleasure department. We are now less than two weeks away from leaving our friends and family behind, with no home, and no clear destination in mind. At times this sends surges of wild excitement down my spine and into my groin. In other moments, it freaks my shit out!

I knew this escapade was bound to bring up a lot of emotion, and surface some deep fears and doubts.

Here are a few doozies for ya:

  • Are we really allowed to do this? (because my little good girl self still thinks she needs permission to do everything.)
  • Is this really going to work? (like is the Universe REALLY in support of my desires? There is some deep shit to release in this one! Because OF COURSE it is!)
  • Am I going to get sick of the sight of my husband and my puppy and start taking them for granted? (crap! what if?)
  • What if I hate it and this whole Pleasure Adventure is a huge disaster?

(I can see that this last one is really kicking up the dirt and glitter left over from our wedding.)

Our wedding celebration was absolutely the most remarkable experience of my life to date.

The creation of it, was however, the bane of my existence for the 8 months leading up to it.

As a Pleasure Coach, I was frustrated and distraught over not being able to make wedding planning pleasurable. It made me so stressed out and therefore undeniably unhappy. I was so embarrassed. I do this professionally! Shouldn’t I know better? Shouldn’t I know how to do this?

And the answer to this question I have finally come to only after much reflection, healing, and self-forgiveness. NO! I “shouldn’t” know how to do this, because, guess what Briana?

Love yourself without judgment

You have never done this before! You have never planned a wedding, never been a bride and never been married. This realization clued me into this stressful standard that so many of us women are holding ourselves to.

Whether we are starting a new job, trying a new workout, dating a new man, or going on the trip of a lifetime. We will NOT do it perfectly! Because we are not supposed to. There is way too much luscious learning on our path to simply get it right the first time.

And to top it all off…perfection is boring.

Perfection does not lend itself to the heart opening expansion of being wildly uncomfortable. Perfection does not stretch us beyond what we know, into what we will be. Perfection does not teach us the soulful inner lessons that make us become even more amazing than we were yesterday.

So with this trip, this Pleasure Adventure called life, the only thing I can do is surrender myself to all of it.

Commit to feeling ALL of my feelings. Honor ALL sticky (or slippery) situations my husband and I may encounter. Breath into the knowing that all things presented to me are for my highest good, my growth and upliftment (no matter how inexplicably inconvenient and uncomfortable).

flowerThis is the deepest part of self-love I know. The promise, that I will love myself and care for myself no matter what. I will not judge my hardships or shy away from my truest feelings. My pain is profound and my tears are beautiful. And just as precious as my joy. And just as valuable as my grace and ease.

If you are a woman who desires to experience the far reaches of pleasure within her own body and life, you gotta be open to it ALL.

Loving yourself through your life does not necessarily make every situation easy, but it does make it easier every time you try. Another phenomenal way to invite more ease and love into your life is to allow yourself to receive support.

I am so blessed to get to support so many women in their pleasure-filled journeys by teaching them invaluable tools to love by. It is gratifying to watch my Pleasure Coaching clients thrive (in love and life) through utilizing their pleasure tool-kits. They become so skilled, that supporting themselves on their own Pleasure Adventure becomes a delightful breeze.

Are you ready for a Pleasure toolkit of your own? I would love to show you how to fill your goody basket up with all the things that ignite you in your sensational soul. Are you at least curious what this would feel like? If so, follow this link to fill out my questionnaire and request a discovery session.

I am only taking on 3 more clients at this time. If you are ready, don’t miss out!

We are all such glorious resources for one another. That is why we are on this planet together; to lift one another up. So even if you don’t feel called to reach out to me, or another coach, I encourage you to reach out to someone. As we travel across the USA, I wholeheartedly intend to ask for support as we enter unfamiliar territory. That is what fabulous feminine friends are for!

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Stay tuned for next week’s post on Intimacy! Ooh la la! You want some?