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I had the sweet privilege of traveling to the East coast to teach two Pleasure Classes this past week! One was in Connecticut, and the other in New York. Oh how I love being back in the saddle with my fellow goddesses and supporting their experience of pleasure!

The energy that we all go home with is palpable and enlivening.

I am repeatedly inspired to witness women show up for themselves, and what they so desperately desire in this life.

Since you couldn’t be there (and even if you were), I’ve gathered some delicious soundbites to help you get a taste of the amazing pleasure adventure we were having. If any of them resonate with you, ask yourself “what do I feel ready for in my luscious life?

[testimonial]“I had given up on getting to have what I really, really want. Now I know it is possible again.”
[/testimonial][testimonial]“After taking care of my kids and my husband and our home, I realized that I don’t do anything just for me. And I need this.”[/testimonial]
[testimonial]“Wow! He really does want to give me everything. I just haven’t been telling him how.”

[one_half][testimonial]“I have a gift, and I have been hiding from it. I have been scared of it. But now I see that this is such a beautiful and powerful part of me, and I want to know it again.”
[one_half_last][testimonial]“I have been so afraid of repeating the past that I have been holding myself back with fear. Now I know that everything is going to be okay and I am actually excited about the future. I trust it.”[/testimonial][/one_half_last]

[testimonial]“I had fallen back into my old pattern of trying to please him and make him like me. But tonight I remember that I am good. I am more than good! I am super special. I like me! If he doesn’t like me, that’s on him.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial]“It’s time for me to put down this bullshit bag of shame.”
[testimonial]“I am finally ready to believe all of these wonderful things about myself.”
[testimonial]“I feel lighter. Like my head isn’t chiming in as much, trying to confuse me.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial]“This class has woken me up to something that is so precious to me. Something that I love so much and am so good at. I have been denying myself for so long. I won’t deny myself anymore. It’s just too important.”

[testimonial]“I am enough.”
[testimonial]“I feel so amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” [/testimonial]
[testimonial]“I am ready to ask for what I want.”

Ahhhhhhh these women are so phenomenal! And so are you!

Are you ready for your own sensational experience?

The next class is in Venice Beach, Los Angeles- Wednesday, November 4th, 6:45pm

Send me an email for the address to the location (Briana@CoachBriana.com). If you’re not in LA, contact me and request a class in your town! (I love to travel, ya know. >wink<)


*Also, super duper love surprises are on their way to you! I am in the process of creating something magically transformational and FREE for you and all of your pleasure loving ladies. I can’t wait to share!