3 myths

Hello My Darling!

It’s summer! That glorious time of year where you get to be utterly free and play to your heart’s content, right?

Sadly, for some of us, that’s not exactly the case. But today, I’m going to change that for you!

Do you find yourself doing way more for others than you get to do for yourself?

Are you constantly busy, hoping someone will take notice and appreciate how wonderful you are?

Do you have a hard time saying NO?

If this feels true for you, fear not! Help is on the way!

I am super excited about today’s edition of #PleasureRadio, because I discuss 3 BIG issues that keep you from filling yourself up, and what to do to transform them. What I share will surely have you licking your lips for life’s juicy goodness. It’s never too late to give yourself the life you desire!

Remember, the sun yearns to kiss your sweet skin as much as you desire to be kissed!

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Los Angeles Ladies!

I will be back in the City of Angels the week of July 17-26. If you desire a Pop Up Pleasure gathering for you and your favorite ladies, contact me asap to reserve your date!