How This Will Help You

Be the Woman You Want to Be

Watch Your Desires Come to Life

Receive Like a Queen with Ease

Connect to Your Inner Goddess

Open Your Heart
to an Intimate Partnership

Learn to Say NO with Confidence

Develop Exquisite Self- Care

Express Your Seductive Sexuality
and so so so much more!

For one month, I am offering 5 Luscious spots for exclusively donation based Pleasure Coaching sessions!

Are you ready to say YES! to Your Pleasure?

You can get started in just a few easy steps. Let me walk you through it.

  1. Fill out these questions and press submit.
  2. After that I’ll reply, and send you the link to my online scheduler. From there, you can reserve the date and time you desire to have your session on.
  3. In my email, I’ll also include a link for you to donate via PayPal. You can also use my email, if you prefer to do it that way (

My clients happily pay $1,500 for 3 months of this life-changing work, but for this month you get to choose your session price! My suggested donation is $50 (and up), for those of you who aren’t sure what to throw in, but this truly is donation based.

If this offer is singing to your soul, but you don’t have mucho bucks to spare, choose a number that feels good to you.

Don’t wait too long! Act now, and grab a spot before they are gone!

There are limited spots available through December 5th. So if you’re interested, schedule yourself a time slot immediately before they fill up!You can certainly schedule yourself more than one session this month, however, please make one donation, per session. Each phone call will be one hour long. Each donation is of your absolute choosing. I do however encourage you to stretch yourself and give an amount that inspires you to show up fully for your session(s). You are in complete control of how much you get out of each of your sessions.

You get to make it count.

It is in my greatest pleasure to be showing up for you in this new way. If you have any questions at all, comment below or shoot me an email. I‘m happy to answer them all! Feel free to share this amazing offer with your friends, and remember – you’re utterly and completely loved and supported. Feel it sister!
Coach Briana