When I think of droughts, I think of long, hot summers, and parched, broken ground. I think of eternal thirsts and relentless longings for wet release. So to my surprise, my drought came in the dead of winter, laden with holiday distractions and intoxicated afterthoughts.


Of course, I am referring to a dating drought. A lull in flirty texts, first time meetings and mildly tolerated second dates. I allowed my excitement of being surrounded by familiar loved ones to trump my desire to get to know strangers. Duh! I had Hawaii, my bitchin Mrs. Claus outfit, New Years and my birthday weekend extravaganza to deter me from my OKCupid account. And the break in the dating action was actually very illuminating in many ways. I came to realize, that if I wasn’t willing to invite a guy I have been seeing around my friends…….red flag! If it took me weeks, not days to respond to a guy’s waiting message……red flag. After the seriously hot He-Man hook up, I realized luke warm just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. But this whole process has been a warming up of sorts.


I prize myself for my ability to bring that which I want into my life. In the beginning, I desired more men in my life. Check! That desire then graduated to wanting more dates in my life. Check! Well now the time has come for me to attract luscious lovers! I can honestly say I am all warmed up and ready to play. Yum, yum! So if I am not interested in having one night stand sex with strangers, what is a woman to do? Leave pussy an IOU and embark on the delayed gratification route of getting to know someone? OR……..start sleeping with my friends? The people whom I have already gotten to know and adore enough to keep around. Perhaps this is why being physical with He-Man felt so magical. I knew him, trusted him and truly liked who this barbarian warrior was.


“Ohhhhhh no,” I hear our motherly sides saying. “There is no quicker way to losing a friend then to sleep with him.” Things get weird and emotions get in the way and blah blah blah. I’ve seen Friends with Benefits! I know it is all good and casual and fun….until it isn’t. Yes the oxytocin, yes the misleading automatic comfort……but if a gal knows the risks, will she still fall victim to them? Only one way to find out!


Or…..another option. Get over my hang ups about sex. I have been uncovering story after old story taking up space in my head. Interestingly enough, most of these false tales were adopted in my early 20’s (when I started having sex). Not really relevant for the 31 year-old woman I am today. Stories such as: the intercourse is never as good as the foreplay, acting sexual looks desperate, the man is supposed to be the man and make the moves, and whatever other limiting beliefs I have crammed up in there. Basically what I am seeing is that those beliefs are not getting me what I want; which is a lively, sensual, passionate sex life! I am right now and forever releasing those stories and adopting a fresh outlook.


The sex I have is even better than the ecstatic foreplay.

I am a sensual and confident sexual goddess.

I act on my desires with sureness and enthusiasm, because I deserve to experience everything I want!


I am very excited to see what this new framework will deliver. I can only imagine I will be gifted with the fullness of my pleasure! Then look out lovely readers. This blog may turn into your new favorite romance novel. I guess I didn’t think that through in the beginning when I started writing. Am I really going to write about my dating escapades AND my sexual adventures? I mean my dad reads this from time to time. Gulp! But that gorgeous man of a father is a realist and he wants his daughter to have the fullest life possible. Hmmmmmm…..maybe that’s where I get it?