Dear Friend,

are you ready to attract more
I have been thinking a lot lately about the concept of “more.

More happiness.
More money.
More sex.
More freedom.
More fun.
More___________(fill in the blank)

This yearning and readiness for more go hand in hand with the ever expanding qualities of Desire!

From a spiritual (and pleasure) perspective, all of the capacity for “more-ness” is already coded in our goddess-like DNA. We already have all of the divine resources inside of us to do, have, and be whatever we want. Isn’t that fantastic!

But how do we unlock this unlimited potential? How do we go from wanting money internally, to holding a big fat wad of cash externally?

My go-to answer to this question is quite simply…pleasure!

But broken down, what does that even really mean?

How does being “in my pleasure” make all of my wildest desires materialize into form?

And the deeper answer is…through your vibration.

Being in your pleasure raises the vibration of your body, mind and spirit to a frequency that is powerfully pulsating with aliveness, joy and possibility.

A heightened vibration raises you out of your current situation. From an elevated perspective, miraculous solutions come to light. Astounding creativity bubbles up from within and your energy levels soar to new heights. Being this turned on and alive makes you feel invincibly joyful, which instills confidence, which reveals your undeniable beauty. Quite the domino effect! And that’s not all!

By lounging around in the land of high vibes, you are now existing in the realm where all of your desires live. You have become a vibrational match to that which you were wanting. You become a highly charged magnet. From this place, the money, the fun, the sex, the freedom you desire actually finds you! Pretty fun right?!

Raising my vibration this morning looked like: taking the time to prepare the really fancy coffee, sipping it under the veil of my essential oil diffuser, lazily picking angel cards, skimming Happinez (my new favorite spiritual magazine), and writing in my journal. All the while being wrapped in the auditory feminine stylings of the one and only Edith Piaf.

Delighting in all of these delicacies reminds me of my worth as a woman. It gets my creativity pulsing and instills the knowing that all of my desires are already (and always) on their way to me… as long as I hold this delicious vibration inside of myself.

But what if you realistically don’t have the time right now to prepare this kind of nourishing song and dance like the one I mustered up this morning? I hear ya. The kids need feeding, work is calling and you are all out of the pretty coffee. What then?

Lucky for you, there is always a solution for your every need!

Here you will find a selection of 3, powerfully seductive audio downloads. I created these just for you, to LIFT your vibration in your life, everyday. My web-girl, Megan had a listen as she was preparing the purchasing process for you and she absolutely fell in love!

[testimonial author=”Megan Monique Lewis,”]Meditation Megan Circle

“Briana’s guided visualizations are amazing! The music she chose to pair with her words is invigorating. I could feel by body waking up before my head was even on board. If you’re in need of something new and fresh and completely pleasurable- I highly recommend downloading. Pleasure Coach B is the shit!”


These visualizations are something I offer on the regular to my private clients. So many times I’ve heard them say, “I so wish I could do this on my own!” Well, now you can! All you have to do is put in your ear buds and push play to have life-changing pleasure vibes infused into your body, mind and spirit. It’s supremely powerful!

Right now, in the newly created Pleasure Shop, you have the opportunity to take your pick from 1 of 3 pleasure-tastic downloadable audios – totally for FREE.

All of these sensual soundtracks are created with the intention to quiet your mind and raise your vibration.

After you’ve tuned in, you’ll be in the perfect position to magnetize infinite magnificence to yourself and into your life. Visit The Pleasure Shop now to choose your free recording! Remember to use the coupon code FREEPLEASURE to receive your discount.

I look forward to continually creating content that infinitely blesses your life and supports your every emerging pleasure. Thanks for listening!

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