Finally some dating deliciousness! I happily report dating success! I report butterflies! Interestingly enough, it comes to me from the Middle East!


I absolutely adore that my life allows for the sweet decadence of a mid-day lunch date on the beach. Good start, I know. But the yumminess actually started long before the lunch date.


First OKCupid message from the Turk…..”u are more than gorgeous.”


Ok, it didn’t require a huge amount of effort, but it made me light up, made me smile. I’ll take it. What followed was a persistent string of flattering (“when i saw ur pictures my heart start to shake”), to the point, unapologetic male confidence (“if she wants to deserve something, she always be with me..ill take care of rest”). The messages intrigued me, furrowed my eyebrows a bit. Is this guy for real? Can he speak English?


Well, he turned out to be real enough and English speaking enough to entice a phone conversation and a date out of me. I sit her delighted that he did.


Big brown eyes, tiny traces of Euro from his cologne to his Armani watch and sunglasses. His sweetness, his honesty, those eyes won me over, but still it lingers……is he for real?


Openly expressing his confusion over the lack of effort American men put forth towards their American women. A concern for the lack of care behind actions. Then also going on to explain that striking up a friendly conversation with a stranger in Turkey just doesn’t happen. Silly backwards Americans, being nice to everyone on the street, yet not committing to lavishing over your supposed loved ones. It made sense to me. How do we get by, feigning intimacy, when deep down, we don’t care?


After lunch, we walk along the boardwalk. The sun is exploding into tiny shards of light as it hits the ocean top. “What a gorgeous day!” I proclaim.


“Yes… is a gorgeous day,” he says with a sideways glance in my direction, “……….because of you.”


I wish I could say his words and the liquid sun melted my heart. I wish I could say I submissively collapsed into his arms. I did not melt. I did not collapse. Like a true American, immune to romantic gestures, I laughed in the gorgeous man’s face.


I need to get lovesick. I think the Turk would like to infect me.