As women, we get to be the deepest source of contradiction on the planet.

We are a fiery force, and can also be shy and unsure. We are extremely loving and massively bitchy.

We are independently blazing our own way and yet, still in need of support, encouragement and love.

It can be a confusing mess.

I think it’s time to finally get it together ladies, right?


Our dynamic, all over the place nature fits right into our deeply burning desire to “have it all.”

And to have it all, you’ve got to be it all.

But how many of us are willing to admit we are a big ol’ mess half of the time? Or dare I say, embrace it? ::gasp::

Pleasure is also a confusing concept to fully grasp, because, like a woman, it is ever evolving and full of contradictions.

Last year when I hosted an online survey I found out that most women pair the word “pleasure” in their mind with love, excitement, happiness, sensuality, fun and sex.

So if these words embody the soul of pleasure, then why do most of the private sessions I do with women tend to focus on pain instead of pleasure?

Are you a walking contradiction?

During these past two weeks of donation sessions, I have had the absolute privilege of leading amazing goddesses through the dark thicket of anxiety, depression, anger, overwhelm, loneliness, as well as feelings of stuckness, over-responsibility and not-enoughness (just to name a few).

These are all painful inner experiences that stand directly in the way of a woman and her ability to enjoy pleasure.

But this isn’t a bad thing!

They are beautiful messengers illuminating a pathway, a direct route to your unique pleasure.

The pain wakes you up. Demands your attention. And attempts to shed light on where you are buying into any false illusions about who you are or how the world is.

I believe Pleasure is our true nature. The vibration of love that we all resonate at when we are free from the lies and judgements we believe about ourselves.

The women I have coached these past two weeks have possessed the outstanding courage to bring their pain to the table for healing.

No more hiding, or pretending.

We shine that pure light of love onto this pain and send it back into the nothingness from whence it came. And what each goddess is left with, is a direct experience of her pleasure, a connection to her true self.

Are you ready to feel this for yourself?

There are only 2 weeks left of donation sessions available. Grab your spot here NOW!

I love you, I believe in you,
BrianaSchuck 2