Science and psychology have teamed up for a revolutionary new approach to self-love. In today’s world, it is all too common for women to walk around in a cloud of their own self-judgment. Dove has cracked the medical code to feeling magnificent, alive, and beautiful.

Watch here, then continue reading below:

Whoa! Did you see that coming?

The women in that video truly had the experience of being beautiful. And the only thing that ever changed was how they thought and felt about themselves.

Here is the most marvelously mind-blowing piece of the puzzle:

What we believe on the inside, manifests on the outside.

Because she thought she was more beautiful, the world around her responded to her as such.

My Gorgeous Goddesses! Everything is all in your mind. You create your every elegant, effortless moment or you’re trying and terrible today.

When you wake up and decide to make up your mind about yourself, what will you choose?

This is the most important and delicious decision you make in your entire day…, no Your Entire Life!

Choose something loving, adoring, and sweet.

Women who like themselves remember to be nice to themselves.

Give yourself a break!

They remember to be gentle, loving and kind to that gorgeous creature in the mirror.

You are radiant!

They treat yourself to goodies, indulgences and luxuries because you are worth it.

Live it up!

She brushes off negativity from others because she has already decided that she is fabulous.

Anything un-fabulous just no longer makes sense to her.

And ta-da!

You Are Her……when you decide to be.

You are a magnificent manifestation of the feminine divine……walk around like you know this.

Approve wholeheartedly of who you are and what you have……’s perfection.

Tell yourself you are beautiful everyday……because it is the truth!

This week’s challenge: Every time you pass by a mirror, give yourself a sexy smirk and tell yourself, “You are so beautiful!”


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