Do you know what you are?

You are a feminine creature, the fiercest force on the planet.
You are goddess.
You are woman.

You naturally hold the greatest capacity for creation in your very being.
This glorious energy you possess can light up a thousand cities.

With this profoundly divine privilege comes great responsibility.
You must share it.
Unexpressed beauty, love, magnificence….……serves no one.
You alone have the power to become the grandest you possible.

And how do you do this?

Simply by being you, full-fledged, full-force, fully exposed.

The feminine archetype is full of contradictions.
The madonna, and the whore.
The predator and the prey.
The nurturer and the worshiped.
You get to be them all!

The powerful and playful goddess in you is silly, she’s damn sexy and deeply sacred.

Want to see them all in action? In the video below, I show you one of the ways I express my bliss to bless the birthday of my marvelous man this year! Did he love it? You bet your sweet ass he did! Just another example of when a woman is in her Pleasure (and her full expression), everyone around her benefits.

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