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About a year ago I was seduced by a country music song that would end up changing my entire life.

Kacey Musgraves’ “My House” filled my mind with the possibility of simplicity and freedom. She sings of setting out in an RV with her beloved and seeing “the whole world from my living room.” My body responded to the allure of less responsibility and more adventure. “You don’t even have to mow the yard, just hang a map, and throw a dart.” Something was happening to me as I listened to her words.

My heart leapt forward, I paid attention.

Briana and Honey3

This is how dreams are born. You listen. You feel. You are lead. This was the stirrings of yet another great Pleasure Adventure!

One thing about dreams and desires is that they must be shared, they must be fed. They are hungry little buggers and loving them up in the light of day makes them strong. Scream them into the wind, and you can actually smell them on the breeze, making their way back into your heart.

So I pitched this crazy notion to my beloved. We too could set out into the wild blue yonder and find pure bliss in life’s unfoldings, and each other’s arms. “Any KOA is A-Okay as long as I’m with you.

Like me, he felt the spark of desire.
Like me, he believed this could be done.

And another fun little fact about dreams and desires, if you have someone else to believe in them too, well that just supercharges the magic! We believed that we were allowed to say goodbye to our established home and say hello to the open road. We believed that we would be supported and guided in this process by the great powers that be.

We trusted that if this dream was meant for us, the inspiration to take action would be presented at just the right moment.

Which brings us to the beautiful, yet often aggravating practice of patience. All trust requires patience. And we had to trust that all signs would eventually point to GO.

Some desires are born and manifested in an instant.

While others take their sweet ass time to show up at the threshold of your life. We knew a life event this big was not to be pushed or rushed. We trusted that if it was truly ours, it would continue to seduce us into it’s loving arms.

And seduce us it has, down many roads, u-turns and dead ends. The idea for RV living was tossed out the window. My pussy decided she was not tickled by the idea of white knuckling a wide load down the highway.

And the youthful need for speed, has been replaced with a more “mature” need for sleep.

Instead of hopping from place to place, we will find a gorgeous locale and stay put for a while. Until our pleasure points us elsewhere. Pleasure maps rarely chart a straight line. Allowing them wiggle room to morph into “This or Something Even Better” is the key to their wild growth and materialization. Caress your sweet dreams with an open hand and watch them dazzle you with treasures untold.

So this is it, May 15th, 2015 marks the beginning of Pleasure Travel Adventures unknown. Two cars, one couple and a pup will embark on an across the country living adventure to find our next home. We are releasing our possessions, as well as our beautiful home in Venice Beach, CA.

We are saying goodbye to Los Angeles and honoring this undeniably beautiful chapter in our lives.

Amidst the many inevitable goodbyes, there are also innumerable hellos. Through following this desire, another dream is made possible. I have yearned to make my pleasure work accessible to women all over the country, and now I get to. In person! Everywhere we travel, I desire to offer pleasure classes to the women in that area. Want one in your town? In your house? With your ladies? Let me know by sending me a message here I simply cannot wait!

If you’d like to dive into your own Pleasure Adventure as mine is unfolding, come over here and schedule your very own pleasure adventure session!
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