drop your excuses

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Hello Goddess!

I’m back this week with another FANTASTICALLY-pleasurable video diary! And guess what... I have something awesome to share. Are you ready for this truth-splosion?

No longer do you have to apologize or justify going after what it is you desire!

From haircuts to cross-country trips, whatever you want is yours. I know this, because I’m owning up to this sacred truth for my sweet self! If you are feeling called to something, answer that calling. Follow your intuitive-body as it guides you to savoring up each delicious thing you desire. It’s time to stop letting money, excuses, or the idea that something will be “too hard”  stand in your way.

Join me in this Episode of my Pleasure Road Trip diary as we explore, shake-off, and step into our desire!

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