It’s time to stop making excuses for why you can’t have the most luscious life possible.

You can!

Here are some of the biggest and most common excuses I hear for why woman don’t take time to experience pleasure:

  1. I don’t have enough time

  2. I don’t have enough money

  3. I don’t even know what my pleasure is

If you’ve found yourself saying any of those, you’re right on track to living a life mundanely void of sparkle. But I know, that sparkle is what you really want! If you are willing, lean in and hear my case for fun, easy, no cost pleasure. It’ll blow all of your adorable excuses out of the water!

FreePleasureHere are 20 fabulous ideas that take just a smidgen of time, a closed wallet, and an open heart.

If you really want to reap the benefits of a Pleasure-filled life, you must dip your toe in and test the waters BEFORE you make up your mind about it. So come on in, the water is divine!

  1. Swing –  …….on a swing you cheeky monkey! Feel the wonderful wind on your face and the sweet freedom of soaring. Kids are smart and really good at being in their pleasure. Do what they do. Don’t own a swing? Good thing parks are free.
  2. Flowers – Ask someone to bring you flowers. Yeah you heard me! Ask! They don’t even have to buy them. A single flower picked and presented with loving intent can change a day. You deserve it! 
  3. Get sun kissed – The simple warmth of a little sun on your exposed skin can feel so decadent. And just 10 minutes can give you your daily dose of Vitamin D. Roll up your sleeves. Maybe even bare that beautiful belly. Get kissed all over.
  4. Simply smell – An orange peel, coffee grounds, mint leaves, lavender. Take a moment to close your eyes and allow a heavenly aroma of your choice to engulf your senses. It’s sublime.
  5. Hold hands – With a friend, with a lover, with a child. The warmth and energy of human contact is truly nourishing.
  6. Pet or cuddle with an animal – It doesn’t even have to be your animal. Pet stores, dog parks, adoption shelters. Animals have an abundance of unconditional love to give. Go get some. 
  7. Put your feet out the window – If you have never tried this on a road trip, I highly recommend it. Give yourself the opportunity to be carefree and devoid of rules.
  8. Foot massage – You can do this for yourself with a tennis ball. Take off your shoes and press the bottom of your foot into a tennis ball and roll it around. Ahhhhhhh
  9. Foot bath – Your feet work so hard for you. Pamper them. An effective foot bath can be nothing more than hot water in a bowl. If you are feeling fun, try adding salts, essential oils, flower petals, coconut milk, spices. Go wild! 
  10. Tuck a flower behind your ear – This instantly makes me feel feminine and elegant. Pluck, tuck and go. 
  11. Smile – At everyone! Being friendly is just as much for you as it is for them. Try it, you’ll see. 
  12. Walk barefoot – Again with the feet! Release those puppies from the confines of shoes. Let them sink into some lush grass, a sandy beach or sandbox, or a great shag carpet. 
  13. Write yourself a love note  Delight yourself with the loveliest of words. Drop it in your own mailbox and wait for tomorrow. Who doesn’t like getting love mail? 
  14. Take a naked nap – A nap itself is decadent enough in my book. But naked too! Oh honey it’s a whole new succulent sensation.
  15. Impromptu dance party – Gotta gotta get up to get down! Move that body girl. Anytime, anywhere. Instant upliftment. And with free tunes from the radio, Pandora, Spotify and Youtube, the jams never stop.
  16. Give a compliment – Open yourself up to the joy of adoring others. You get to authentically express yourself and you could make someone’s day.
  17. Get cheeky with yourself – Blow yourself kisses or give yourself a wink in the mirror. Plump up and jiggle your fun bags. Give your sweet rump a little spank. Behave? No thank you!
  18. Light candles – Candle light can change the mood in an instant. Use them when you are taking a serene bath, setting the mood for sexy time, or desiring a calm moment at work. As you light, set an intention for the most luscious experience possible.
  19. Read romance novels and love poems – Oh the power of potent words! Ignite that inner passion and warmth. See what it stirs up. On the cheap, look in libraries, thrift stores and on the internet.
  20. Leave yourself a loving voicemail – Dial up the hottest girl you know (that’s you!) and spout words of praise, acknowledgement, adoration and love. Keep this message and listen to it whenever you need a good pep talk.

Lovely ladies, these 20 examples are just a tiny handful of the fun and gorgeousness available to you in your life. To open yourself up to this vast treasure chest of pleasure, never allow yourself to buy into those nasty excuses. Remember, you don’t have to believe everything you think.

My job as a Pleasure Coach is to open each client’s world to the far reaches of Pleasure she never knew existed. The most magnificent life is waiting for the woman who is truly willing to let go into the realm of possibilities. Are you ready?

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