Hello Goddess!

I’m writing to you today from Europe! I feel so grateful to be on this wild #PleasureAdventure. It can be easy to dismiss the fabulous, luxurious things that come into our lives with ease, because we don’t feel like we’ve EARNED them. On some level, we make that mean that it doesn’t hold as much value. And sometimes, even when we’re present for the experience itself, we don’t own it as our own. The abundance belongs to someone else and so, it is not meant to be celebrated in the same way.


Abundance is abundance period. And if it’s landing at your feet, you bet your sweet ass it’s meant JUST FOR YOU! Stop short changing yourself (right alongside me,) and open up to the #PleasureAdventure before you.

Confession: going to Europe isn’t new for me. But this particular experience totally is! I feel more present than ever before on this gorgeous journey. I set the intention to reflect inwardly and promised to stay connected to my pleasure and allow it to guide me. For the last few weeks I’ve been recording mini-video diaries and posting them to YouTube. And just the other day, I posted my FIRST video diary all the way from Europe.

I’m having realizations all over the place and I love sharing them with you in this way. Tune in below to 3 of my most recent recordings. Enjoy and thank you for sharing this journey with me!

BrianaSchuck 2

PS. Below you’ll find some of the images I’ve been sharing on my instagram lately. Click any of them to go to my profile and follow along. I love connecting with other Goddesses of Pleasure along the way!


Video Diary Confessions

European #PleasureAdventure #1

(Berlin, Germany) Before this trip, I set the intention to consciously take ownership of everything that I am experiencing…

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I’m Going to Europe!

My intention for this trip is to take ownership of every single experience that I have and recognize that everything is a reflection of myself. Stay tuned for how this intention and experience goes!
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#PleasureAdventure Diary #17

(Venice, CA) The Heart’s Pleasure by Mark Nepo. This partner meditation is so gorgeous I had to share.

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