Yes! I brag that I was at last night’s Beyoncé concert in Atlanta!

I brag my gorgeous husband pulled out all the stops to make our BeyBeyMoon incredibly special. (A babymoon is the vacation a pregnant couple goes on before the baby arrives. I just learned what this is too!)

Not only did Ludacris, T.I. and Usher make surprise appearances in the opening act, but Beyoncé indeed came to slay!

This woman is a force of nature.
She is a glowing goddess.
An extraordinary performer.

How to Be Like Beyonce!

But what I find most inspiring about Beyoncé is how she embodies the divine feminine while carrying the torch for every woman to do the same. She recognizes all women as beautiful, capable and sacred.

Through her artistry and her life, she masterfully models the most powerful archetypes available to us as women.

How to Be Like Beyonce!

Like the Lover, Beyonce is unafraid of her sexual expression.

Like the Divine Mother, she cares for her daughter while staying true to the woman and creatrix that she is.

Like the Priestess, she alchemizes pain into strength.

Like the Warrior, she isn’t afraid to get fierce for what she believes in. She slays!

And the Queen? Well duh! Queen Bey rules over her kingdom like a woman who knows what she wants.

This is an empowered woman who has clearly walked her path and done her deep inner work along the way.

And now you have the opportunity to do the same!

How to Be Like Beyonce!

This is why Jo Anna Rothman (of The Receiving Project and The Project of Loving) and I created a magical 6-week experience to bring your inner goddess into the light, to become your outer goddess!

The Feminine Wild

The Feminine Wild: a choose your own pleasure adventure through the feminine archetypes!

Through this wildly fun and deep (just like you!) multi-media adventure, you get to become your unique expression of each of these archetypes, just like Beyonce!

No more depletion. No more victimhood. No more lack mentality. No more blaming.

Only powerful feminine energy to create everything you want with fierce grace and sensual truth!

It is time to know yourself as this woman. The women you were born to be.

How to Be Like Beyonce!

Are you ready to slay magnificently in your life too?

Sign up now! More details on website.

We will also be going LIVE on facebook tomorrow (Wednesday, September 28th at two different times) to give the juicy low down about this course and answer all of your fabulous questions.

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We are so excited to share this experience with you and to witness your expansion into the woman you really are!

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How to Be Like Beyonce!

How to Be Like Beyonce!

How to Be Like Beyonce!

How to Be Like Beyonce!

How to Be Like Beyonce!

How to Be Like Beyonce!