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Beautiful One!

I would like to invite you to a very special call on Wednesday! It is all about DESIRES and it promises to be DELICIOUS.

I am currently in Asheville, North Carolina with one of my favorite Goddesses, Jo Anna Rothman. She is the divine creator of The Receiving Project, which has significantly up-leveled my feminine ability to receive every single time I have done it. No joke! (The first time I participated in TRP to met my dream man and now husband. Coincidence? I think not!)

On Wednesday, I will be the guest of honor on her free weekly call.
We would love for you to join us!

Here is what Jo Anna had to say about tomorrow’s call:

We are going to dive in the world of desire!

You all know I do love me some desire.

And I believe there is power in wanting what you want because you want it.

flowerThere is power in allowing that which you yearn for to guide you.

It’s not always easy to stand in the fullness of your desire.

To feel it.

To trust it.

And to allow it fully into your life.

But when you do, truly, magic happens!

On Wednesday, Briana and I will be talking about desire, how to invite it in
and how to dance with it as you co-create the human experience that delights you most.

Join us on Wednesday at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern!
The call in number is 530-881-1212
The passcode is 743-019-589

You can also access the call and listen from your computer.

And yes, the call will be recorded!”

Bring your burning questions, or just listen and absorb the goodness.


Coach Briana