Oooooh Mama! I am back! 
Holy Geez I have missed you! 
Quite honestly, I have missed myself. This #momlife has done a doozy on my pleasure practices. To the degree that I actually thought that the vibrant life I had led before baby just wasn’t in the cards for me anymore. And that made me soooooo super sad.
Luckily I was able to get real and call myself out.
I realized that throwing in the pleasure towel was such a major cop out.

I made this video to call bullshit on myself and share how you can get out of a pleasure sucking rut too!

Are you ready too sister? Are you totally done and bored with creating a life that doesn’t produce the delicious fruits of your desires?
I currently have just 2 spots open for new pleasure coaching clients and I want one of them to be for YOU!
Fill out this questionnaire to get started.
Let’s explore the vast reaches of what your gorgeous soul has in store for you. The path is paved with pleasure!

With love and pleasure always,