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Hey Sister,

You can talk that Pleasure talk all day long. You can watch videos and read about it until your eyes fall out. But until you allow yourself to participate in the glorious practice of pleasure, not much is going to change.

And you are ready for real change, aren’t you?

Well, there’s something undeniably powerful that happens when you decide to take your pleasure into your own hands.

It is utterly brilliant when you ask for what you need and let the goodness pour on into you!

Are you ready to open and receive?


I sure hope so, because I am beyond ecstatic to announce my very first West Coast Pleasure Class Tour of 2016! I’ll be coming to Southern California and Washington in February.

(Don’t you worry East Coast. I am coming for you in March. Stay tuned for details!)

This means that you have the chance to be the hostess with the mostest, of a private Pleasure Class for you and all of your ladies!!! How exciting is THAT?

This invitation is for you, if you are ready to embody pleasure in every delicious nook and cranny of your sensual cells.

I’ll be right there with you (perhaps even in your living room!), alongside you and as many women as you choose to invite, helping each of you feel totally alive and at one with your feminine pleasure center. After our Pleasure Class is complete, it will truly feel like there is nothing that you can’t do!

Here is what some lucky ladies have had to say about their experience of stepping into their pleasure with me as their guide:

“Working with Briana has changed my entire life. My focus on pleasure has expanded tremendously. She brought forth the entire concept of outrageous living!!! Because of that, I had the courage to leave LA, travel and come to live in a whole new city. AMAZING!! I really found the pleasure in my body in pushing myself past my comfort zones. How Briana lives is truly inspirational to me.” – JoAnna R.

“Working with Briana and simply being around her, is an invitation to let go of limited perceptions about what is possible in life and an invitation to step into a life that fits, that feels radiant and joyful, and is filled with pleasure and purpose.” – Aila H.

So, are you ready? Do you feel a tingle in your bones, letting you know that you and your girlfriends need this, want it, and are totally ready for it?

Please, don’t wait! I have very limited availability between February 8th and 17th. (Some dates are actually already spoken for!)

To snatch up your date with pleasure, visit this page to collect all the juicy details: coachbriana.com/pleasure-tour-2016

I cannot wait to rock your world (and your house!)

Comment below with any questions you may have.

Love you big time,
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