I’ve been holding out on you…and I have been short changing myself, and you, I’m so sorry.

I ask women every day to step out of their comfort zones and get gangster with their bragging, throwing down on awesome like it did somethin’ to ya.

I stretch women to not only utterly approve of their magnificence, but to flaunt it for the sheer uplifting fun of it. I show women how to celebrate the vast array of life, everything from checking things off of the to do list, to manifesting world cruises with international lovers.

But have I been doing this for myself? Whoops. No, not really. I seem to have forgot.

My life is epic, meanwhile my bragging has been basic. My sweet blue eyes have not been focused on this epic truth. My sights have turned towards what I don’t have, rather than basking in the shine of what I do have. That my darling, is a foolproof way to ensure hardship and struggle. Not my favorite combo.

And yes I have been struggling.

By placing massive amounts of pressure on myself to succeed (another foolproof trick to suck the soul right out of fun). One of my great big plump desires for this travel adventure is to share my work, my classes, my coaching with the wonderful women of this country. I guess I didn’t account for the learning curve associated with waltzing into a new area and figuring out how to let people know I exist.

And instead of taking this new opportunity to rely on the undeniable magic of my pleasure, I have been making myself wrong for not having cracked the code yet. For not having classes lined up, for not taking on new clients, for not letting the money roll on in.

Yes ladies, this would be a perfect example of how NOT to approve of one’s magnificence. You’re welcome.

I am happy to illustrate both side of the coin so you can decide which one looks shinier.

As my research has concluded up until this point, the dull side of the coin isn’t much of a party. I’d rather flip it to the flaunt-it side and celebrate!

So with this choice, I must share with you the massive brag I’ve been keeping to myself::

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The brag so fabulous that I questioned if it was even okay to share.

I brag that through the honoring of my pleasure, I have manifested such a fabulous life for myself.

I brag that I don’t even have to work if I don’t want to. I brag that I coach women because I LOVE it!

Yes, I brag massive abundance, full freedom and love of my life companionship!

And can you believe there was a little voice in my head actually telling me NOT to celebrate and share this amazing manifestation?

That voice scared me into silence, asking me questions like: What if others are jealous of what you have created? What if they get mad at you? What if they think you are a stuck up bitch for thinking you are so fabulous?

“Oh you precious pumpkin!” (I told myself…) This is simply not the truth. I can see that this is just a sweet and lovable part of myself that just wants to be liked. This well-meaning voice is playing by an outdated paradigm of woman vs. woman, where competition feels necessary.

What she doesn’t understand is that there is no lack, there is more than enough to go around, and enough room for everyone to be fabulous, successful, thriving! No this idea is not a fairy tale wish – it is truth!

Luckily, the louder voice in my heart screamed out!

[testimonial]“You MUST share and celebrate this! You have a responsibility to show women what is possible. Dimming down your light and hiding your power does no one any good. You can’t inspire people in the dark. Bragging is NOT about being better than anyone else. Bragging is about proving that desires are attainable, about inspiring everyone with the magic of reality!”[/testimonial]

I know there are millions of women in the world who deeply desire a life where they do not have to work. A life where they can frolic around fun and fancy free, sharing their gifts out of passion and love, rather than obligation and need. I know women deeply desire travel, creative freedom and the most fulfilling intimacy with a loving partner. And if I need to risk being unliked in order to pave the way for every single woman to have exactly what she desires, so be it. If you wanna make a cake, you gotta crack and couple of eggs. And girl do I love cake!

Even though I teach this phenomenal work, I am not perfect, I forget. We all do. And this is yet another reason why sharing loudly and proudly is so incredibly crucial in keeping us on our toes in the practice of pleasure.

We get to hold the torch for one another, so when someone forgets to light her own, the path is still illuminated.

I do what I do because I am deeply passionate about improving the lives of women. 

I take my responsibility as Your Personal Pleasure Guide to heart, which means I can’t talk the talk without walking the walk. But as you can see, the walk has it’s hills, it’s holes and it’s rainy days. The committed pursuit of pleasure gives us the excitement to run up the hills, the inspiration to climb out of the holes and the carefree spirit to splash in the puddles!

There is a life unbound, fancy and free available to you. You can have it, if you are prepared to get beautifully messy in the name of pleasure.

Thank you so much for reading, for commenting and for sharing your love with me on this wild ride. I support you fully on your most untamed exploration of self and pleasure.

I invite you to join the private #LiveYourPleasure facebook page where the women who dare to shine, share big brags, glorious wins and celebrate one another! If you were inspired by this post, please join and dare to share a brag with us!

The Pleasure Adventure is going stellarly. Look below for a glimpse into our time so far in Springfield, Oregon.

Also, I would love to share my favorite pleasure pics as they are occurring in real time on instagram. Follow the adventure here.

Love you endlessly,
BrianaSchuck 2


This is our current home in Springfield, Oregon. David found the owners, Mark and Nancie, through We get to stay here and help them fix up this historic home. I am learning so much about being a home owner and am also wildly impressed with the manly skills my husband has that I never knew about.  


Nancie calls it “The Pony House.” She says with this much shit, there is bound to be a pony somewhere nearby. In this house, we focus on the pony that is surely coming, rather than all the shit piling up. Positive thinking in action!  And yes, those are giant sock monkeys riding on the pony’s back. Sock Monkey magic is also rampant here.


The Willamette River, just a half mile from where we are staying. Afternoon swimming is a must in this heat. I am so grateful for abundant water.


The whole area is designed with an active lifestyle and the enjoyment of beauty in mind. There are miles and miles of running and bike trails that follow the river and multiple bridges that cross from Springfield to Eugene.  


We have an official water dog. Sadie Pie Honey Buns loves the afternoon dips in the river, especially when it is 99 degrees out.


The hiking in Oregon is unreal. This magical trail was part of an 8 mile trek up Mount Pisgah.


Friday afternoons we go to Sprout, an outdoor/indoor farmer’s market and non profit with beer, food, musical entertainment and neighbors. The sock monkeys need a Friday drink at the pub too.


Working away in our little room in The Pony House. It may look like a construction site (and it partly is) but watching this home take form in front of our eyes is so gratifying.


I had the pleasure of teaching two seminars at the Eugene Women’s Weekend. This sign was made for me by a Japanese woman who was also staying in The Pony House.


You know you are loved when your friend drives 14 hours from Southern California to come and see you! I am definitely missing my goddess community back home. But with fabulous gestures like this, I am reminded that connecting is just a pleasurable move away.