I’m Briana Anderson and I teach women how to be their utmost magnetic, feminine, fiery, sensual selves. A woman in her pleasure is unstoppable, powerful and purposeful beyond compare. By showing women how to step into their gorgeous goddesses self, the world becomes a wildly blessed place for us all, one beauty at a time.

“Being in your pleasure” doesn’t mean the experience is always pleasurable.

But walking your unique path to pleasure allows you to create a life based on your authentic self. When the truth of who you are can shine, your pleasure path is revealed.

And here’s a little bit of my story…

After graduating with a master’s degree in spiritual psychology, I felt a deep connection to my higher self. From this place of awareness, it became abundantly clear that I was still terrified of being feminine.

I was not confident in my ability to be a sexual, desired, expressed woman. I knew I couldn’t hide from these aspect of myself any longer. So began the adventurous, vulnerable and tantalizing journey into my feminine soul.

The School of Womanly Arts introduced me to other women who were living for their desires and not apologizing for it. I was surrounded by women who were truly living large and going for it. I began to see all of the ways I was selling myself short.

If they could live massively sensual and abundant lives, so could I, dammit!

Up until this point in my life, I had convinced myself that dating was a ridiculous nightmare and absolutely not even worth trying. I saw men as useless and a waste of time (sorry men!)

I was wrong.

I was just scared.

Scared to open up, to be seen

To be vulnerable.

Everything in my life became motivated by the guiding factor of being connected to the infinite wisdom of my pleasure. As long as I was connected to my authentic desires, and following them, magic and decadence ensued.

Adventures in Pleasure Dating

Through this commitment to myself and my pleasure, I embarked on the yummiest adventure; Adventures in Pleasure Dating. (Read all about how I did it by starting at the very beginning of The Pleasure Blog here!)

Through this experience I successfully manifested the man of my dreams. My doting and amazing husband, David embodied every single attribute I desired in a man (and more!) We have since built the most incredible home together in Venice Beach, California. We have traveled the world. We created the most magical and love filled wedding together.

And now the adventure continues. We’ve sold all of our belongings and are heading out on a cross country trip to discover our new home. With Pleasure as our guide, we are traveling across the country in search of our new home. You can follow our Adventures in Pleasure Traveling on my blog.

I am confident that you too can manifest and create everything your heart desires. I teach women how to align with their pleasure every single day! Doing this creates an energy which calls your desires to you! Although each woman will manifest the desires which are unique to her (jobs, partners, homes, travels, etc) what is consistent are the qualities of abundance, power, expression, and joy.

I desire to guide you along the path to your most exquisite life.

When a woman is truly ready to stop living in the illusion of limitation and hardship, having support is the most comforting and empowering asset to possess. I am that support for you. I am here to remind you that you are capable of feats far beyond your perceived limitations.

I am here to encourage you to never again apologize for what you want.

I am here to seduce you into the garden of your feminine majesty.

It is available to you when you are prepared to set aside your fears, your doubts and your excuses.

What I promise you is a sacred space where you can feel free to express yourself.

As I embark on my greatest adventure in Pleasure yet, I want nothing more than to get you going on yours.

Are you ready?

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