Happy belated Mother’s Day to you and yours!

So, you might already know this, but mom’s are freakin’ awesome! And they totally have super powers.

They can blow noses, wipe bums, make lunches, braid hair, bandage boo boos, and iron dresses – and all before breakfast! (That they also happen to have made). It’s very possible that Mom’s are the superheroes of the human race.

Yet in all of their supercharged awesomeness, a lot of moms have dropped the ball in one major area.[/one_half_last]
In the process of caring for everyone else, they often forget to take care of themselves!

If I could have one wish granted, it would be that every single woman on this planet knew that putting everyone else’s needs before her own is extremely selfish!

Yes, you heard me correctly, selfish!

We have a nation of women running themselves ragged all in the name of being a good mom, a good friend, a good wife, a good employee, a good ____________[fill in the blank].

The problem with this is, that at the end of the day, you are only left with the accomplishment of feeling semi-good about yourself. And frankly, semi-good/okay/fine/content just isn’t good enough.

You have the opportunity to feel spectacular! Over the moon! Phenomenal and utterly ALIVE in your womanhood. And completely in love with your very own luscious life!

You might be wondering how you make the move from just okay to freakin’ fantastic – I have one answer for you…

Fill that gorgeous cup up, goddess!

When a woman truly gives herself the love and attention that she extends towards others, she becomes a geyser of godessy goodness. She has more than she needs and therefore naturally spills out a ridiculous amount of goodies onto all those lucky enough to be in her path.

The energy a pleasure-filled woman emits is absolutely intoxicating……when it comes from her true source, her supply is unlimited.

The problem is, too many women today are giving it all away and are forgetting to fill up their tanks. We are scrapping the bottom of the barrel and living off of scraps. It’s no wonder you can’t find the time to shave your legs. Oh, and you are too tired for sex? Are you having another microwave dinner?

My love, there is no shame in this, but there is also more available for you. And really, you deserve more! (I know you desire more.)

Pleasure Challenge

I double dog dare you to put yourself first. Your needs, your desires, your preferences. You get to choose those!

Without guilt, without overcompensation in other areas. Really go for it! Try it out and see for yourself.

Does joy and delight magically make a cameo in your life? Do you have more energy and vigor for your daily routine? It is easier to naturally dote on your loved ones? Do you feel more sexy and creative than ever? I Guess you won’t know unless you try!

I love you so much. I desire the experience of self-devotion for you so badly! If this is something you desire, but just don’t know where to start, contact me. It is my pleasure, to help you find yours. Reach out to me at briana@coachbriana.com. Trust me, asking for help is an excellent start.