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Hi Sweet Sister!

I hope this blog finds you in ecstatic joy! You deserve to be. You are a divine woman for goodness sakes!

I have so much goodness to share from the #PleasureAdventure we are on. Here are some fabulous new pictures below and a very special audio I recorded for you. The inspiration for this bubbled up after a session with one of my coaches. After three beautiful weeks on the road, I found myself feeling annoyed, frustrated and weak. But why? We were having a blast!

Even though our basic needs were always abundantly met, I wasn’t internally nourished. I wasn’t taking care of myself in the ways that are most vital for a woman to flourish.

The realizations I share in the audio below brought me right back to myself and right back into my pleasure. I invite you to listen and reflect on how you are prioritizing yourself in your life.

Next stop on the Pleasure Adventure, central Oregon! (Eugene/Springfield area.) If you have fabulous female friends in that area, let me know. I would love to offer as many Pop Up Pleasure Classes that I can while I am there.

With abounding love and pleasure,
BrianaSchuck 2

Here’s a Glimpse into Our Magical Journey!

blog june 2015
I have been so inspired by the many honor system based farm stands we have come across (this one in Point Reyes, CA). The love and trust behind these warm my heart. I can tell I am calling in the experience of this to prove and display to myself the reality of the kind of community we are ultimately seeking.

Triple Falls hike outside of Portland. Nothing like a good sweat and a swim to nourish the body and soul.

Virginia IS for Lovers! A Pleasure Goddess knows that she can find fun in any situation, even the airport.

Finally a home! Not a tent, or a truck, or a guest room, but a whole home to ourselves. Oh what a blessing from my dear friend in Portland. Thank you Universe, more please!

Feeling fabulous and fishy in Virginia Beach. I find myself being subconsciously drawn to PINK a lot lately!

Honoring a forest of giants in the California Redwoods. The energy these massive trees hold is palpable. Standing among them puts my worries and fears into perspective.

blog june 2015 6
Sadie Boos has to remember that even when traveling gets stressful, boozing up and numbing out is not always the answer. Yes, we find ourselves projecting onto our dog a lot.

blog june 2015 5
Lovers loving the beach and each other at twilight. Camping up the California coast. (Cleone, CA)

The GREEN in Oregon is so lush and nourishing. Feeling grateful for all of the glorious nature that surrounds me and grounds me.