top 3 pleasure essentials

Hello Darling!

First of all, thank you for all of the love and kind words I received after last week’s personal and vulnerable post. It was truly cathartic and powerful to share.

I was left feeling more aligned than ever and enthusiastic about being of service to your sweet life.

So I got curious, I asked the fabulous women of our private #LiveYourPleasure Facebook group to lay it on me. I asked, “If you could ask me anything about how to live a pleasure-centric life, what would you want to know?”

The questions I got are fantastic! Check them out, or ask me your own here.

Today’s audio answers the question:

“If you had to sum up your top 3 pleasure-perfection essentials, what would they be?”

Below you’ll find an audio where I share just that! Life as I know it would NOT be nearly as fabulous without them.

Also, I am thrilled to be teaching two workshops on “The Power of Pleasure” this weekend at the Eugene Women’s Weekend (in Eugene, Oregon). If you are in the area or have ladies you know who live here, send them out to see me at booth #85, and for an awesome class at 3pm on the 27th and 11am on the 28th. Details can be found here.

With love and pleasure,
BrianaSchuck 2