Oh to be a precious freckled-faced little babe again. Can you remember the days? When you received gold stars for simply applying color to paper and your parents actually applauded your poops. These were grand times indeed. Everything you did was met with a proud head pats and congratulatory popsicles.

PraiseYourselfBut then you got older.

Not only were you expected to wipe and flush every time, but at some point you were also probably handed a scouring pad and a bucket and told to do your part.

Instead of being rewarded with hugs and kisses, you’d be lucky to pocket a fiver for allowance. Yippee.

It was a startling realization that once I graduated college, there were no longer any systems in place that offered me praise, acknowledgment, or validation for what I was doing.

In school we receive grades and awards and merits.
In sports we get high fives, trophies and cheers.
But now, in our adult lives, what do we walk away with other than a paycheck?
Don’t get me wrong, money is awesome. It pays your bills and buys you a good time. But what does it do for your heart, your spirit, your sense of self?

Here’s a story for you:

Last summer, my friends and I walked down the the beach to find a game of volleyball to join.

We found a court where two young girls were playing with their mom. They happily let us join and what transpired was the most fun in the sun I’ve had in a really long time. Because these two girls were present, everyone’s demeanor softened. There was encouragement in the air. Missed plays were met with assurance that all was okay.

“Great job! You’ll get it next time.”

“Nice try. That was great effort.”

“Beautiful hustle. That was a hard one.”

These girls beamed with our acceptance and praise. And we all started extending this love and prizing to everyone on the court. The adults lit up too.

It got me thinking. Why don’t we cheer people on all of the time?

And more importantly. Why don’t we cheer ourselves on all of the time?

There isn’t always going to be someone there to toot your horn. But you will always be there!

Self-acknowledgement is one of the most powerful tools of self-care.

Loving yourself is sexy ladies! I invite you to take one tiny minute out of your day and devote it to some luscious self-acknowledgement.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

I am so fun and gorgeous.

I am an amazing woman.

I am incredible at what I do.

I am a kicking ass at life.

I am smart and capable.

I am worthy of love and attention.

I am a wonderful friend.

I am damn sexy.

What I want to know…

Did you repeat any of those out-loud? Try it out and share your favorites in the comment area below. Better yet, create your own “I am…” sentence of praise and pleasure, and share below!