Are you ready for a pleasure adventure that could literally lead you anywhere?

Results have included (but are not limited to) ending up on a yacht, landing a new job, getting to go backstage, spontaneous romantic encounters, relaxation in a secret garden, free drinks, new friends, cool clothes, mind-blowing sunsets, spending the night in a different city, and…

But let’s wait a minute.

First things first; what exactly is a Pleasure Drift?

A Pleasure Drift by definition is a guided adventure hosted by your infinitely miraculous inner goddess!

It’s your opportunity to hand over control and lean into an experience that is pleasurable beyond your current scope of comprehension. You get to go on a joyous journey made just for you. But why even do it?

PleasureDriftingThe Pleasure Drift is perfect for anyone who desires:

  • more fun!
  • juicy new experiences
  • an expanded capacity for amazingness
  • spontaneous delights and treasures untold
  • a little time to themselves
  • a deep connection to her inner compass
  • stronger, heightened intuitive powers

If even one of those beautiful benefits appeal to you, then you need to keep reading!

How to go on a Pleasure Drift, in 8 sacred steps:

1. Set an Intention

What are you desiring today? You can set the intention for fun, beauty, awakenings, sexiness, inspiration…….whatever your heart is calling for on any given day. Either out loud or in your head, feel into it, and state your intention. It could be something like this:

“Sweet abundant and generous Goddess, I set the intention to experience _________________. Thank you for the blessings of this day. I connect to your essence and commit to following my pleasure.

2. Drop All Expectations

You don’t need a plan. Plans can stifle your sizzle. Trust that you will be given the exact experience you are meant to have. If you begin to second guess yourself and doubt the perfection of your drift, the pleasure is sucked right out of it.

3. Pack Nothing

Go clean, be light and devoid of distractions. This means no phone, and no heavy backpack filled with supplies (just in case). The great goddess is your infinite supply. This is your opportunity to allow yourself to be provided for.

*If this feels like a HUGE stretch and does NOT feel In Your Pleasure, adjust accordingly. Going clean to you may feel like a wallet and a book. Remember, your pleasure is different than anyone else’s. Trust that you know what is right for you.

4. Walk Out the Door

Every journey begins with one single step.

5. Wait

Be still, close your eyes and listen.

6. Follow Your Urges, Desires and Inner Nudges

This is where it gets really good, where all the magic happens. Tap into that wellspring of wisdom and knowing. Suspend all judgments, excuses, and doubts. Just follow what your intuition gives you!

Coming up blank? Simply ask yourself, “where do I go now?” Or “lead me to (your intention).” Then refer to #5.

7. Be Present, Be Open

Being present means giving everything your full, intoxicating attention. There is so much pleasure in the tiniest details and the slightest signs.

Say YES! Being open means giving every experience a solid go before you shoot it down or deem it unpleasurable. Dip your beautiful toe in. But if you get a clear NO, trust that too.

8. Receive

Allow abundant blessings to come from anywhere and everywhere. Reach out your arms with your palms facing up to the sky. The feminine is meant to be honored, worshipped, adored and pampered. Practice the feminine quality of receptivity. This can take the form of compliments, freebies, offers, smiles, conversations, gifts, and on and on and on. I invite you to suspend your masculine energy for a while and be rewarded for simply being.

9. Give Gratitude

At the end of your drift, it is a gorgeous practice to give thanks. Honor and acknowledge all of the forces, energies and people that contributed to your journey.  And don’t forget to acknowledge yourself!

Desire more?

Of course you do, you are a woman! Gratitude is the open door to abundance. Thank you, more please!

Now go forth goddess! Drift away into the rays of sunshine! Do this for yourself.

Pleasure isn’t something you know, Pleasure is something that you get the honor and the privilege to practice. You will never know how wildly fun this is until you try it.

When you do, I invite you to leave a comment below and dazzle us all with your magical manifestations. Tiny or gargantuan, they are all perfect. If you’re on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook tag us in your pleasure photos by using the hashtag #LiveYourPleasure BrianaSchuck