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I am a radiant goddess, blowing everyone away with my undeniable talents.

I am a money magnet. Money loves me and strives to be around me, with me, adoring me at all times.

I am articulate and clear, speaking my truth powerfully with grace and ease.

I am wondrous woman who brings gratitude and love everywhere I go.

I am sooooo good at what I do. I serve others by being of the utmost service to myself.

I am the most beautiful, beguiling goddess to ever walk the planet.

I am a happy receiver, allowing in massive amounts of love, compliments, favors, gifts, opportunities and riches.

I am constantly attracting and surrounded by amazing women and sisters.

My tribe finds me with ease.

I am capable, I am magical, I am more than enough.

I am loved and adored by everyone I come into contact with.

I welcome the winds of change because they bring me blessings.

I am strong and clear and confident. My actions reflect this.

I am generating opportunity, fun and abundance wherever I go.

I am enjoying being appreciated, praised and cherished.

I am so grateful for the clarity and wisdom that flows through me.

I am full of amazing ideas and inspiration.

I am a receiver of magic and blessings. They find me wherever I go.

I am creating beauty and tranquility in my home.

I am a wonderful puppy mommy.

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