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If my hunch is correct, you are the kind of woman who yearns for romance.

Don’t you dream of being adored for the succulent goddess that you are?

I sure hope so! Because you deserve every lick of that kind of gorgeous attention, love and care. Wanna know how to call that kind of goodness into your life right now?

You’ve got the power honey!

In last week’s fabulous Teleclass I shared 3 sexy secrets about How to talk to men to get exactly what you want! It was phenomenal!

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If you were on the call, you know step #1 was all about putting yourself first. This is an ultra loving practice of self-care. It means using your glorious energy to fill yourself up, rather than constantly expending energy focused on others and what they might think of you.

My body is soft,
My body is free
I love it all,
because I am damn sexy!

Loving my breasts,
Loving my toes,
My physique is divine,
and everybody knows.

I smell sweet, I am yummy,
come kiss my neck and face,
adore me by licking every inch,
every delectable place.

I deserve to be beautiful,
I deserve to be loved,
all of my desires appear,
sent down from above.

I am special and sassy,
a goddess, so hot!
I wear gorgeous clothes,
so proud of what I got.

I am feminine,
I am confident,
I am so full of joy,
I am treated like a queen by every man, king and boy.

I am so grateful for this precious day,
I go after my desires,
One hundred percent,
now, forever and today!

What do you think of yourself? Your own approval is the juiciest validation possible. Pleasured women rock their self-love and make it a priority. But how do you love yourself?

There are a billion and a half ways, and I am committed to assisting you in building your self-loving pleasure grab bag. So here is another gorgeous example.

I found this poem that I wrote for myself 4 years ago. I wrote this at a time when I was not comfortable and confident in my body, my sexuality, or my ability to feel beautiful and attract partners. Now my whole body smiles when I read it because I can remember what it meant to write myself something like this.

I was affirming that which I desired to step into. I was encouraging and allowing the woman I so desperately wanted to be. Take a look to the left….

Are you inspired?

Now create your own! Post it on your mirror. Or print out this one and recite it to yourself every morning. You are so incredibly powerful. The words that you tell yourself ultimately become the reality that you walk around in. I encourage you to intentionally delight yourself with loving words of adoration. When you speak it, think it, believe it….it becomes real!

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