What Keeps You From Receiving

Hi Beautiful Lady,

I have been celebrating my pretty little ass off! I’m not just talking about the birthdays, the bridal showers and the weddings I’ve been wrapped up in. I feel like there is a tiny voice in my head that just keeps telling me to “celebrate everything.

And I am so glad I am listening.

Celebrating every morsel of life is showing me how to honor the sacred and experience the most potent magic in every moment. I am constantly in awe. Wowza!

Would you like some more celebration and sacred magic in your life?

If so, I have some fun little treats for you.

Check em out as you please:

#PleasureRadio is here again, for your entertaining pleasure!

Today’s episode is all about how to open yourself up to Receive fully and with joy! Now that is definitely something to celebrate!

Magical resources!

THIS is the link to “The Receiving Project” which I am all about these days. Participating fully is opening me up to more good than I was previously aware of. I highly recommend it!

Did you get a chance to fill out this pleasure survey I created for you?

I would love if you would, and it will help me create the most badass free offering for you and your favorite femmes! You can find the survey here.

Oh and I’ve got red hair!

Awwhhh yeah! Check it out. The blonde was not filling me up. The red brings me undeniable pleasure.

If the inspiration moves you, bring your celebratory brags on over to the private #LiveYourPleasure Facebook page. I highly encourage you to celebrate and acknowledge your good.

What you appreciate, appreciates!

Loving you, kissing you, celebrating you,
BrianaSchuck 2