besexyHow often do you feel sexy? I mean reeeeeeally sexy?

Like when you just can’t help but flaunt your feminine form because you know you got it goin’ on!

Like when the feeling of touching your own skin gives you full body chills.

Like when your confidence takes over in the bedroom.

Sounds delicious, right?

Whether you can’t remember the last time you felt that way or you just want more of it – you must know this.

[googlefont font=”Sanchez” size=”24px”]Being sexy is not about how many heads you turn or numbers you get. Its not achieved by simply wearing heels and showing some skin. Sexiness is the natural byproduct of your intimate connection to that powerful feminine calling deep within.[/googlefont]

When a woman is in her pleasure, she knows she is sexy as hell.  She doesn’t need anyone to affirm this fact or validate her beauty. Trying to be sexy for someone else will never sustain. Your sensual self isn’t looking for someone else to unleash it. It is waiting for YOU to give it full permission.

Are you curious how your sexual expression would change if you put the focus on how to turn yourself on?

I am talking about cultivating the kind of sexiness that no one can take away. Something all for you. Not for your husband, your partner, the cute guy at work, or the hotties on I dare you to really go for it.

No one is around but you. You have free reign to explore the corners and crevices of pleasure in the safety of your own care. Practice delighting yourself. Spend time approving of yourself. Try surprising yourself.

If you are game, below are 12 scrumptiously sexy practices that can be done just for you. You deserve to know how it feels to be undeniably sexy. You deserve pleasure!

1. Strip

Give yourself a private showing of all your goods. Light some candles, lock the door, put on your favorite slow jam. It’s time to tease. Slowly and playfully tantalize yourself in front of a mirror. Play with a shy glance, a flip of the skirt, or even a nip slip. If this is a stretch, wine may be the opening act.

2. Wear it!

Dress yourself just for you. Wear exactly what you want. Not what is most trendy, practical, appropriate, expected or normal. Maybe your lover told you that your favorite green dress isn’t that great. So what! You love it and you get to stop traffic in it.

3. Catwalk

Life is your runway. Down the hallway at home or across the parking lot to your car. Give yourself permission to whip those hips. Sloooooow it down and feel how powerful it is to walk with the purpose of a woman.

4. Selfies!

Sexy ones! In your prettiest panties or maybe in nothing at all. Release all judgments of your body and just have fun capturing your beauty. These sultry shots are for your eyes only.

5. Slather

Take your most seductive smelling lotion and watch yourself in the mirror as you slowly apply the cream to your skin. Right after a shower, I love to do this as I sit at my vanity and let my robe fall to my waist. It feels so glamorous.

6. Admire your assets

Make the mirror your new best friend. Adore yourself and fully take in that wild feminine creature before you. Feast your eyes on your luscious body. Jiggle your girls just for you. Lovingly cup that sweet bottom. Blow your gorgeous face a kiss with those succulent lips.

7. Feed

Like the illustrious and intoxicating Cleopatra, you deserve to be hand fed. Tilt your head back and open wide. One by one, bring each tasty delight to your lips. Grapes, chocolates, anything that is in your pleasure.

8. Touch

Exploring your body with your fingers is the nicest thing you can do for another person. Who else is going to tell them how to touch you? Run your fingers through your hair, caress your neck, trace your inner thighs. So many options, so much pleasure.

9. Aroma

You smell amazing! Get drunk off your own scent. Inhale the lovely aroma of your hair, your skin, your clothes. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

10. Private Collection

Buy some lingerie that is only for you. No one, absolutely no one, gets to peep this private collection. Put it on when you are home alone and feel in the mood to delight yourself. Every girl has a secret.

11. Vagazzle

Bedazzler meets vagina! Yes way! Get some sticky jewels from the craft store and decorate your under panties area. You get to walk around all day with the knowing that your lady parts are worthy of gold. Pussy bling, fuck yeah!

12. Make Noise

Moan, laugh, squeal, scream, sigh. Hear yourself. An expressed woman is a pleasured woman. Let it all out mama!

Go forth my goddess! It’s testing time. In the comments below, let me know which ones made you feel sexier than sin. Have another sexy practice of your own? Share it below.