soul camp

Hiya Sister!

It is finally here! Soul Camp East started yesterday and (aside from this pre-scheduled blog post) I will be disconnecting from all technology and connecting deeply with my sensuous soul for 5 fabulous days.

To say I have been craving this experience is an understatement. From where I am now, I need this. I thought this road trip across the country was going to be so centering and full of morning meditations and impromptu leaps into lakes. There has been a mild amount of these things. What we have actually been doing is spending the majority of our time driving, visiting friends and family, driving, sleeping and more driving.

    I am remembering how precious and revitalizing alone time is for me and I have not been making this time a priority.

The other day, David and I finally snapped. Exhaustion got the best of us and it wasn’t fun, but it was necessary.

In today’s video diary I talk about the Divine Perfection of life and how shit surfaces at exactly the right time.

Yes, the tantrums are in fact in service to your pleasure! Find out how here:

See you next week with wonderful tales to tell. FYI- there is also a Soul Camp West happening this year (October in California). Check it out here.

With love and pleasure,
Coach Briana