stop pretending

The message I am about to share with you was only made possible by a hugely liberating realization I had this week.

(Three cheers for freedom! Fuck yeah!) I love it when that happens.

Inspired by this newfound freedom, I offer you my opinion on what it is time for us powerful ladies to start doing!

And NO, you don’t have to agree with me.

You get to feel your way, into your very own truth. You get to be the badass you want to be!

If what I say resonates with you, I have an invitation at the end of this post for you sweet sister!

I think it is time ladies!

I think it is time for us to stop pretending.

Stop pretending that we are so nice,
so put together,
so appropriate.

We aren’t!
(at least not all the time.)

We think shitty thoughts.
We judge others.
We judge ourselves.

And all of this is okay.
It’s actually really rad!
Because it is REAL!

It’s time we get honest about who we are and what we want.

Without transparency, we’re just fakin’ it!

The playing pretend keeps us hidden
often in plain sight…

Being hidden makes us small,

Let’s face it. Feeling like you don’t matter, just plain sucks.

We all want to know that our presence is desired,

When a woman believes she is not enough, we all suffer.
I do not support the suffering of any woman, ever.
Especially because there is always something she can do about it!

YOU, can do something about it.

You have the powerful choice to be real,
to show up as the real you,
to be really free.

Inside of this Freedom
is where your pleasured woman lives,
it’s where she loves,
and thrives.

She is in the unbound truth of who you are.

You get to decide…
Is it?
Is it time?

Comment below and share something that feels real and true for you in this moment. Maybe something you’ve been nervous about sharing with others out loud…
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