Coach Briana's Hot List

It’s hot!

Are you ready to shed off the serious and really get down to the business of Pleasure?

Summer is all about FEELING good. All about indulging the senses. Look at all the ways this season makes it sooooo darn easy.

The heat naturally slows us down. At a slower pace, you become more present and therefor attentive, to the sensational yum yums that are everywhere.

We are in a playground for the senses.

Game on. Let’s go!

Follow Coach’s board Summer! on Pinterest.Exposed skin gives you more awareness of tantalizing touch.

Everything is ripe and juicy, lick, lick, lick.

Kids are off and playing. The energy of freedom is in the air.

I’ve compiled a list just for you! It’s all about how to delve into this season of sizzle to experience infinite pleasure! Everything listed are some of my personal faves. Some ideas are simple and sweet, some sexy, others remind us to never stop being a kid. But all of them sure to bring you a pleasurable experience.

Oh – and if you’re in need of some visual stimulation, don’t miss my Sensation Summer Pinterest board inspired by this post!

Hot List: 17 Summer Sensations!

1. Dress the part– Oh the delight of sun dresses, sandals, big hats, cool shades, bikinis and more. Be sweet and treat yourself to at least one sexy summer staple and then wear it until it is filthy and frazzled. Atta girl!

2. Change your scent– Smells are intoxicating and there are certain scents we associate with summer and relaxation. Try something light, clean and airy, like florals and fruits, tropical coconut, yay!

3. Add color– Everywhere! Your clothes, your house, flowers, paint a wall, sidewalk chalk, fruit bowls, Give your vision that POW it’s craving.

4. Get Naked, Get Wild– We used to hose each other down in the backyard after a beach day when I was little. What’s stopping you? Skinny dipping anyone? I adore the way water feels on my exposed breasts. Let the girls loose! (or as a baby step, wear a sundress around the house sans bra and panties)

5. Hit the road– Whether it’s just a sunday afternoon drive or a full on road trip, roll down the windows and feel the wind take you away. I adore sticking my bare feet out the window, or using my hand to play with the passing wind.

6. Grow something– Mother Nature is showering her abundance onto you. Connecting to her elegant power is totally enlivening. Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, you can still tend to indoor pots placed on window sills. Research shows that touching soil actually elevates your mood! Amazing! (See #16 for further inspiration)

7. Pump up the Jam– Switch up your tunes. There are those quintessential summertime feel good songs. Make yourself a playlist and cruise on. (see other goddesses faves on the #LiveYourPleasure facbook page)

8. Get Sporty- It’s play time. You can become a sweaty mess by getting in the game, or by catching rays as a spectator. Either way, cheer loud!

9. Picnic of plenty– Summer overflows with abundance. Hit the farmer’s market to create a sensual picnic. With all of the plump fruit available, its easy to get juicy. I recently discovered the Sensual Foodie.

10. Be a lady– I can feel instantly fabulous by simply using a hand fan. I do declare!

11. Quench that thirst– I downed gallons of Kool-Aid in during my childhood. But it that’s too ghetto, lemonade and sweet tea do the trick.

12. Pick flowers– How goddessy to take a stroll and collect flowers along the way.

13. Get hot and bothered– Read a romance novel. Just do it!

14. Lighten up– Put lemon juice in your hair before you go out into the sun. You will get so fabulous natural highlights.

15. Cool off– Water fight! Remember water balloons?

16. Get Dirty– So many fabulous ways to dig in. Go camping, build a sand castle, bury your bestie in the sand. I love feeling gritty after a day well-lived.

17. Outdoor Orgasm– need I say more?

Goddesses make Fun a Priority.

Being in your pleasure does require effort, but it is always worth it. Share some of your favorite ways to feel summery below. What will you commit to this week?