Pleasure research is the sport and The Four Man Plan is the new game in town. I just finished reading The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu. It’s some funny shit! AND it also maps out a very intentional dating process geared towards finding “your guy.”

So I am in it! I commit! Let the experiment begin. Miss Lu wants women to date multiple men simultaneously, and I get it! Why should Bob get to keep all of my eggs in his basket when I have plenty of eggs to share with Tim, Tom and Todd too? Share the eggs. Share the love. As women, do we have the ability and propensity to obsess over one guy? YES! Lu’s little method encourages us to sprinkle our goddess magic all over town, let the guys obsess over our fabulousness for a change.

Some more of Lu’s Rules (which I am committing to following for my experiment and the sake of science)

1. Get/Give as many numbers as you can…be open to different kinds of dudes

2. (This one has tripped me up) If you go on a first date, THEN YOU MUST GO ON A SECOND DATE! (Lu knows we are judgmental bitches and she wants us to have the opportunity to let our guard down and learn about someone (before me judge them)

3. Around the 2-3 date mark, you must let it be known to your date that you are also seeing other guys (this ignites some innate competitiveness in men that we don’t have to understand, but that we can benefit from).

4. Only sleep with ONE man on the plan at a time. If you choose to sleep with someone new, you MUST chuck out the other guy you were rolling the hay with. (This is a purity issue. If you are sleeping with guy A and then sleep with guy B, you are no longer “pure” to guy A and then can never be his true one).

So here I go. Slapping on the rubber gloves and sexy science goggles. It’s testing time!