I have never considered myself a “phone person.” I use the phone mostly to exchange information. Of course I connect with old friends and have those lovely long conversations of catch up…….but I am talking about talking just to talk.

I just got off a one and a half hour long phone conversation with an enlightened man……and I liked it! To me he was a teacher, a story teller, a questionnaire, a genuinely curious fellow.

As funny as this may sound…….and as judgmental as this may make me look……..I think I am beginning to appreciate men. In following Cindy Lu’s Four Man Plan, I need to collect men for my Mantis Graph. A man I meet and exchange contact information with becomes a quarter man. Through dates and heavy petting he can climb the ranks to half man, whole man and even two and a quarter man if you come to invite him into your womanly sanctum lair (psssst……I mean your vagina!).

Anyhooo, back to the appreciating men part. I am increasingly seeing the splendid genius of Lu’s collection method. There are sooooooo many different types of guys out there. I want to experience them all! Wait, that is a lie. I don’t think I am THAT open, but perhaps aspire to be. I have been meeting men that run the gamut. Spiritual. Complimentative. Rock and Roll. Doctors. Brings me roses. Awful at pool. Seemingly gay. Tokers. Shy. Talkative. Although I have not felt that sexy spark with any of them yet, I am enjoying getting to play in the dating realm. I can see the positives in each of them, even if essentially none of them are “my guy.”

In the Four Man Plan there are realistically 16 slots for quarter men. Now that is a bit excessive if you ask me, but could be a wild ride. Point being, I am enjoying “collecting” these men and hope that it does not come off as shallow or appear that I am using any one of them. I reflect on our differences. I see the beauty in our differences. I get to experience the multitudes of life. That is quite lovely.

Thank you men for being men. Thank you for your adoration of females. Thank you more please.