it's okay to do less and be more

I just don’t want to do anything…and it kinda freaks me out.

I am notoriously a do-er and have prided myself as one for as long as I can remember. When I can produce some form of work and stand back at the end of the day and look upon what I have accomplished, it is easy to feel good about myself.

But what about when I haven’t produced one tiny morsel to show for myself?

Am I still allowed to feel good about myself?

My ego says “HELL NO! Get to work honey!”

But if I tune into my pleasure, she really doesn’t want to be bullied or forced to fake it.

So today, I am doing an experiment and I am inviting you to join me if it feels aligned. I will free myself of the “have tos” and the “shoulds”. I will blow off something I am “supposed” to do. I will take some time to tune into my Permission for Pleasure (and you can too!).

Ha! I can feel my ego freaking out already.

But the point is not to mess with my ego. I want to show myself that even if I spend an entire day producing absolutely nothing, I am still amazing and brilliant and worthy of being on this planet.

I am going to practice adoring myself for simply being Briana.

I am going to breathe through the discomfort that arises and watch while nothing falls apart. And then I am going to actually praise myself for doing nothing (something usually reserved for great accomplishments). This honor I will bestow upon myself for being brave enough to challenge the notion that in order to be awesome, a do-er must do.

Today I am interested in exploring the art of simply being.

Won’t you join me?

BrianaSchuck 2

I have been hearing a lot lately about the power of our recent New Moon in Pisces and it’s calling for us to slow down and go inside. If you are feeling this energy in your life, and are also feeling challenged by it, I invite you to join me on this day of being, loving, allowing and breathing. We would love to hear about your experience on the #LiveYourPleasure private FB group! I will be reporting there later today too!