Magical little constructions of letters smooshed together in the attempt to convey meanings.

Alphabetic formulas used for communication, commands and creation.

The words we speak and think hold power. But this power does not come from the word itself.

YOU are indeed the power!

Your energy. Your essence. Your vibration of vitality and vision.

The word Pleasure โ€œmeansโ€ nothing when expressed with apathy.

The word Desire instills nothing when delivered flat and dull.

Your words only come alive by infusing YOUR own beating life force. Your desires only manifest with your own energetic investment.

Take a moment to value feeling over knowing.

Feeeeeeeel every single word that escapes your lips.

Try it.
[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Did you heat up?

Does your body tingle?

Is passion pulsing through your veins?

The Universe responds to YOU. (Not the other way around)

Go ahead. Titillate the Universe and see what shows up for you.

Here is a little video about your power in action.[/one_half_last]