Hello My Dear! 
What do you do when things fall apart? 
Do you spread your arms open wide, expose your heart and surrender to all that is?
Or do you shut down, clam up, and crawl deep inside yourself to hide from the world and deal with it alone?
Personally, I have done both, and both can be really hard!  Neither one is better than the other, they just yield very different outcomes.
One catapults you into the next evolution of yourself.
The other keeps you safe and the same.

And again, neither one is good or bad…..it’s all about which one you are ready for right now?
Which one does your sensational soul crave?

Watch this video to see which one I chose when someone set my hair on fire! 

If you are ready to say YES to growth, YES to sacred sisterhood, YES to your next evolution of self, join us for the 4 week Modern Sacred Circle Training starting October 4th, 2017. Get all the info and register HERE. Or ask me your questions by replying to this email. 

You are allowed to have every last lick of what you desire in this life. It is my honor to get to support you and show you how!
Love, Briana

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