When Pleasure Unfolds: stories of what I witness

Hello There

It is quite confusing to still be so in love with something that I consciously walked away from. California is nothing short of blissful and I uncontrollably swoon in her embrace.

Everything feels like love to me.

The sweet kiss of sun on my warmth-starved skin. Giggles shared among the goddesses I yearn to be around on the regular. This is the birthplace of my pleasure path and my life’s greatest romance. It’s all here.

The magnitude of this love in my heart is reflected so stunningly in each exquisite pleasure class that have transpired on this tour. I am reminded that pleasure is ever shifting, evolving – continually upleveling into greater experiences of awe and magnitude.

The path of pleasure never turns out how you thought it would. It’s always better.

The tears of raw-hearted joy steaming down the single mother’s face, having just declared her ability to stand up for herself.

Acts of bravery through the grips of terror, as another goddess, displays her sensual genius.

A lone man, held lovingly in the den of our feminine fire exposes his soul melting softness.

This is just a sliver of the magic I have witnessed this week. The unshakable power that is bread through pleasure continually astounds me and opens me up.

Every class is so uniquely different, yet the vein that runs through them all is hunger.

Women everywhere are hungry for the opportunity to truly feel, proudly be and masterfully navigate their lives with the magic that only a woman possess.

It is a wild privilege to help feed the hunger that seems to be driving us all. In your life, and mine.

Do you feel hungry for a path of pleasure? Want in?

You have a couple different opportunities to meet up with me this month. If you’re on the west coast, come on over here and see if any of these Pop-Up Pleasure Classes are something you can make.

If you are not in Cali, I am teaching a FREE live 30-minute class online on Thursday, February 18th, at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST and you can sign up here!

These 30 minutes will be highlighting the first three Pillars of Pleasure. So if you did the POP you can hop on, get a refresher, learn something new and ask me questions live!

If you’re not familiar with the Pillars of Pleasure, this will be all new juicy goodness for you! And at the end of our session, I’ll have a special surprise waiting just for you.

I’ll see you soon!

On the road again,
BrianaSchuck 2