Hello Goddess!

Yesterday I had to call on my Warrior…….

Because I wanted to hide.
I wanted to melt into nothingness. I wanted to crawl under the covers, into the darkness and let someone else manage my life for me.

But for The Warrior, that is not in her DNA.

“The Warrior rises.
From the depths of her being.
To meet her Self.
In the wild expanse of who she is.”

Sure it would have felt fantastic to say, “Someone else please take this baby, file these taxes, clean the kitchen, talk to the mortgage broker, respond to these emails, write my class syllabus, walk the dog and while you’re at it, would you feed my face and bathe me too?”

And don’t get me wrong, I am all for calling in the troops and allowing myself to be supported and pampered, but not at the expense of looking within myself for what I need.

“Life falls into alignment
with the swift movement of The Warrior’s blade.
Illusion falls.
Truth is unveiled.
Authentic desire makes itself know.
And the Warrior moves forward…always.”

As women we can fall prey to the “knight in shining armor rescue me from peril” story. I mean look at how many fairytales we were fed as youngins that had that as the premise! Handsome prince swoops in and saves the day. Happily every after……aaahhhhhh. The End. Roll the credits.

With this scenario, a woman is encouraged to take a back seat in the creation of her life. With The Warrior, we have the opportunity to be our own hero.

“The Warrior has a fierce dedication and commitment to Self.
She shifts out of procrastination, out of perfectionism and moves into the world of action and creation.”

Yes it feels good when someone swoops in and takes something off of my plate. but it feels even better to rise. Rise out of the story of can’t and into my authentic power. The truth is that for anything I need, want and desire, the resources are already within me. The resources are within you. Do you want access to them?

If you are ready to call upon your Warrior, I invite you to step into The Feminine Wild: A 6-Week Pleasure Adventure Through the Feminine Archetypes of The Warrior, The Lover, The Divine Mother, The Priestess and The Queen. You will be guided in finding these goddess energies within your own being and embodying them fully in your life.

Each weekday of the adventure you will receive another divine pleasure tool to access one of these archetypes within yourself. You will experience yourself becoming. You will cut away anything holding you back from your fullest expression. You will know yourself as the goddess that you are!

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I look forward to knowing your wild and wonderful feminine self very soon!